Negative Comments about Nerlens Noel on Draft Express Draw Wildcat Fans' Ire

Nick NafpliotisCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2012

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When Jonathan Givony of (who is covering the Addidas Nations Tournament in Souther California) tweeted that "Nerlens Noel couldn't score unless he was completely spoon-fed under the rim," he probably expected a few Kentucky fans to stick up for their future star player.

What he got instead, according to Rich Bozich of, was a blue title wave of anger and verbal retaliation. Givony stirred the pot even more when he said that Noel's play was even worse in the next game. He then really kicked things up a notch by saying that Kentucky's local media may be even worse than the fans.

Look, I'm the first person to rise up and defend my beloved Wildcats, but there are a few things that my fellow members of the Big Blue Nation need to remember:


1. Jenna Grace at makes the point that Noel's focus this summer was most likely on completing his coursework to become academically qualified to come to Kentucky (which he did) rather than working on his game. Also, the kid's career is just starting out; he's allowed to have a bad day/week once in a while.


2. There's always the chance that Givony may actually be reporting what he sees. I know we're all still pretty distrusting of the media (Pete Thamel, Bob Knight, etc), but not every negative story about the Wildcats is done by a writer that has it out for the University of Kentucky. But if he is, then that brings me to my next point...


3. National writers know that we're crazy. They know that a negative article or Twitter statement about Kentucky Basketball will pull in massive amounts of page views and mentions, all courtesy of an angry Big Blue Nation.


Let's just wait and see for ourselves how Nerlens Noel performs when he is on campus, practicing and improving under the tutelage of Coach Calipari. This isn't the Bill Gillespie years; if Cal believes in a prospect, than it's probably a pretty safe bet that the kid will be outstanding.


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