Should Favre Have Come Back?

Chris FordContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

Should the future hall of famer have come back for another go. I mean he really didn't have the time to get all the way accustomed to the Jets offense. He didn't go through the off season workouts and he obviously made them a better team.

He had a game where he had six touchdown passes against the Arizona Cardinals and in my opinion there aren't too many quarterbacks in this league that could pull that off. He was having a really good season up to the point of his arm injury.

It kind of went downhill after that but no one really should have complained since having a 4-12 season the year before.

They finished this season 9-7 which is obviously and improvement from the year before and they barely missed the playoffs. But Favre was voted into the Pro Bowl for his last year so he had some success.

In my opinion he should have come back because if he would have went through the off-season and worked with his receiver to get the relationship he had with Jennings and Driver back he would have had a chance to have a really successful season. The injury to his arm he sustained could have been fixed with no future side effects that effected him on the field.

What is your opinion?