Matt Kenseth's Killer Bee's Money Stop to the Bank

Jamie PoormanContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

Matt Kenseth Knows when he stops at the bank he can thank his lucky stars for the killer bee's he has jumping over the wall to change four tires and a fill up mistake free time after time.

Now that it seems Matt and new crew chief Drew Blickensderfer are on the same wave length and the killer bee's on their game. They just might be the dark horse that everyone forgot about. That's been Matt's career really even when he won his first championship.

No one was really talking about Matt that year, it was Ryan Newman with all his poles and seven wins but not even in the top five in the end. Then it was negative talk on how he will win the championship with only one win.

The TV rating went down the last three races and the network complained to NASCAR after paying big money to take over the races with big promises that NASCAR had not reached it's peak.

I have said before if the ratings had not drop the last three races we would not have the chase today. In the end Jimmie and Matt made it look close by Jimmie losing out by 90 points when on the last race Matt DNF 34 laps in to the race.

Matt Kenseth and his killer bee's could be laughing all the way to the bank this year. Now how will Carl Edwards handle that I wonder?