Olympic Basketball 2012: Early Leaders in Each Statistical Category

Adam Friedgood@AfriedgoodContributor IIIAugust 5, 2012

Olympic Basketball 2012: Early Leaders in Each Statistical Category

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    With only one game left in group play for each team, there have certainly been a fair share of stellar individual performances. 

    Some players have been racking up the points, like Carmelo Anthony for Team USA when he went off for 37 points in only 14.5 minutes.

    Others have been dominating on the boards or defensive end, like Salah Mejri of Tunisia who is one of only four players to have over 30 total rebounds and the only player in the tournament with double digit blocks. 

    Here are the top 10 players in each statistical category for the London Olympics so far.


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    1. 22.5, Luis Scola (Argentina)

    2. 22.0, Patty Mills (Australia)

    3. 21.0, Manu Ginobili (Argentina)

    4. 20.5, Carmelo Anthony (USA)

    5. 19.5, Pau Gasol (Spain)

    5. 19.5, Andrei Kirilenko (Russia)

    7. 19.0, Tony Parker (France)

    8. 18.3, Luol Deng (Great Britain)

    8. 18.3, Linsa Kleiza (Lithuania)

    10. 17.0, Ike Diogu (Nigeria)


    -Nine different teams are represented in the top ten scorers in the tournament. 

    -Argentina has two of the top three scorers in the entire tournament so far, Luis Scola and Manu Ginobili. They will both need to keep up their scoring production, plus some, if they want to defeat Team USA in their last game of group play. 

    -Carmelo Anthony is the leading scorer for Team USA, even though he is only fifth on the team in minutes per game with 16.8. 

    -Note that every player on this list is either currently in the NBA or used to be in the NBA.


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    1. 9.5, Ike Diogu (Nigeria)

    2. 9.3, Makram Ben Romdhane (Tunisia)

    2. 9.3, Yi Jianlian (China)

    4. 7.8, Salah Mejri (Tunisia)

    5. 7.5, Luol Deng (Great Britain)

    5. 7.5, Anderson Varajao (Brazil)

    7. 7.3, Pops Mensah-Bonsu (Great Britain)

    8. 7.0, Nene (Brazil)

    9. 6.8, Al-Farouq Aminu (Nigeria)

    9. 6.8, David Anderson (Australia)

    9. 6.8, Joel Freeland (Great Britain)


    -The combined record of the top seven rebounders on this list is 4-24 and Anderson Varajao is responsible for three of the four wins. 

    -Surprisingly, three of the four teams that would not make the elimination round, if the tournament ended today, have multiple players on this list of most rebounds per game. 

    -Team USA actually leads the tournament in rebounds per game even though they don’t have any player in the top ten in rebounds. 

    -Luol Deng and Ike Diogu are the only two players to be in the top ten in both points and rebounds. 


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    1. 6.3, Marcelinho Huertas (Brazil)

    1. 6.3, Alexey Shved (Russia)

    3. 6.0, Sarunas Jasikevicius (Lithuania)

    4. 5.8, Deron Williams (USA)

    5. 5.5, Chris Paul (USA)

    6. 4.8, Luol Deng (Great Britain)

    6. 4.8, Anton Ponkrashov (Russia)

    8. 4.5, Manu Ginobili (Argentina)

    8. 4.5, Mantas Kalnietis (Lithuania)

    8. 4.5, Pablo Prigioni (Argentina)


    -The top seven players in assists have a combined record of 20-8 and Sarunas Jasikevicius and Luol Deng combine for seven of the eight losses. 

    -The only two players in the tournament to average more than six assists per game have zero games of NBA experience. Shved is set to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves next season though. 

    -Deron Williams actually has more assists than Chris Paul does, even though Paul has started in all four games over Williams.

    -Luol Deng is the only player to be in the top ten in the tournament in points, rebounds and assists. Unfortunately for him, his team is still yet to record a win even with his superb play.


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    1. 3.0, Salah Mejri (Tunisia)

    2. 2.0, Yi Jianlian (China)

    2. 2.0, Andrew Lawrence (Great Britain)

    4. 1.8, Nicolas Batum (France)

    5. 1.5, Serge Ibaka (Spain)

    5. 1.5, Kevin Seraphin (France)

    7. 1.3, Pau Gasol (Spain)

    7. 1.3, Sasha Kaun (Russia)

    7. 1.3, Andrei Kirilenko (Russia)

    7. 1.3, Nene (Brazil)

    7. 1.3, Brad Newley (Australia)


    -Andrew Lawrence is the only guard on this list and by far the shortest player at only 6’1”. 

    -The NBA’s reigning league leader in blocks, Serge Ibaka, had more blocks in a single game last season than he has during the four games of the Olympics combined eight times.

    -Tyson Chandler, the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2012, only has three blocked shots in four games. 


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    1. 2.5, Manu Ginobili (Argentina)

    2. 2.3, Matt Nielsen (Australia)

    3. 2.0, Al-Farouq Aminu (Nigeria)

    3. 2.0, Makram Ben Romdhane (Tunisia)

    3. 2.0, Andrei Kirilenko (Russia)

    3. 2.0, Chris Paul (USA)

    7. 1.8, LeBron James (USA)

    8. 1.5, David Anderson (Australia)

    8. 1.5, Carlos Delfino (Argentina)

    8. 1.5, Luol Deng (Great Britain)

    8. 1.5, Kevin Durant (USA)

    8. 1.5, Alex Garcia (Brazil)

    8. 1.5, Alexey Shved (Russia)

    8. 1.5, Russell Westbrook (USA)


    -Team USA has four players on this list when no other team has more than two. The Americans have by far the most steals in the tournament. They have more than twice as many steals as seven of the other teams in the competition.  

    -Andrei Kirilenko is the only player to be in the top-ten in both blocks and steals. 

    -Through four games, Manu Ginobili has only two less steals than the entire team of Spain does.           

    -Luol Deng has done everything for his team and is the only player to appear on four of the five lists so far.

Field Goal Percentage

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    Minimum 6 Field Goals Made


    1. .909, Anthony Davis (USA)

    2. .789, Darius Songaila (Lithuania)

    3. .750, Andre Iguodala (USA)

    3. .750, Timoey Mozgov (Russia)

    5. .739, Aaron Baynes (Australia)

    6. .700, Tyson Chandler (USA)

    7. .667, Nene (Brazil)

    8. .655, Kevin Love (USA)

    9. .644, Carmelo Anthony (USA)

    10. .621, LeBron James (USA)


    -Six out of the ten players that make up this list are on Team USA. 

    -Anthony Davis is 10 of 11 from the field through four games, by far the highest field goal percentage in the tournament. The majority of his field goals have come on slam dunks.

    -Andre Iguodala is the only member of this list whose primary position is guard.

    -Aaron Baynes is the only player on this list who has never played in the NBA. He has however played during the NBA Summer League. 

Three-Point Percentage

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    Minimum 3 Three-Pointers Made


    1. .636, Carmelo Anthony (USA)

    2. .600, Andre Iguodala (USA)

    3. .588, Wang Shipeng (China)

    4. .571, Dan Clark (Great Britain)

    5. .556, Mohamed Hadidans (Tunisia)

    6. .522, Kevin Durant (USA)

    7. .500, Jianghua Chen (China)

    7. .500, Vitaliy Fridzon (Russia)

    7. .500, Sarunas Jasikevicius (Lithuania)

    7. .500, Kevin Love (USA)

    7. .500, Russell Westbrook (USA)


    -Team USA (5) and China (2) are the only teams with multiple players who are shooting at least .500 from distance. 

    -Four of the five players Team USA has on this list come off the bench, including Carmelo Anthony and Andre Iguodala who are the only two players in the tournament shooting .600 or better.

    -Anthony, Iguodala and Kevin Love are the only three players in the tournament who are top ten in both field goal and three-point percentage.

    -Out of the players on this list who aren’t on Team USA, none of them are currently in the NBA.