Guy Lafleur's Disco Skeleton

Kevin van SteendelaarAnalyst IFebruary 23, 2009

Without argument he is one of the greatest players ever to wear the Montreal Canadiens uniform.

More recently however, Guy Lafleur has faced some more personal legal issues, and has been criticized for making some publicly outspoken comments on the current Montreal Canadiens' roster.

I'm not writing this article to discuss the matter. Instead, I'd like to offer a more humorous blast from Mr. Lafleur's past.

As we all know, Guy Lafleur was the face Montreal Canadiens through most of the '70's and early '80s.

He made a name for himself on and off the ice. His name, and face was plastered on anything imaginable.

And if anyone happened to catch the CBC program The Montreal Canadiens - 100 Years, 100 Stars, Mr. Lafleur made a reference to a disco record he recorded in 1979.

With a little digging, courtesy of The Montreal Gazette/HabsInsideOut.Com, I present to you this lovely little number entitled Scoring!

Break out the platform shoes, and strobe lights and enjoy!