UFC on Fox 4 Video Highlight: Lyoto Machida Knocks Out Ryan Bader

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2012

Did you miss UFC on Fox 4, or did you like Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida's knockout over Ryan Bader so much that you want to see it again?

UFC.com has your back. Just hours after the conclusion of UFC on Fox 4 in Los Angeles on Saturday, they have uploaded Machida's highlight-reel KO to YouTube.

Bader was a game opponent, but Machida was a tough stylistic matchup for him. He was unable to figure out The Dragon's elusive style and paid the price. In the second round, Bader gave in to frustration and decided to charge recklessly at Machida.

Given that Machida is primarily a counterstriker, this move played right into his hands. Machida was able to move back just slightly to avoid Bader's assault, while launching a straight right hand of his own. The punch was enough to put Bader out, and shortly after the referee stepped in and saved Bader from taking any more damage.

Before the event, UFC president Dana White announced that the light heavyweight who put on the most impressive performance at UFC on Fox 4 would receive the next crack at the belt. After the fights, White confirmed that he was most impressed with Machida's performance and that the karate master would meet the winner of Jon Jones versus Dan Henderson, which takes place at UFC 151.

In the event that Jones wins at UFC 151, Machida will get the chance to avenge his loss to the current UFC light heavyweight champ, who defeated Machida by submission at UFC 140.


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