11 NFL Games We'd Rather Watch at the Stadium Than on TV in 2012

Eli Nachmany@EliNachmanyCorrespondent IIIAugust 5, 2012

11 NFL Games We'd Rather Watch at the Stadium Than on TV in 2012

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    While it's nice to watch football games from the comfort of one's own home, being in the stadium on game day is a special experience that can't be replicated.

    Fans seem to know where to find a good time, and these next games look to be the best bets to be better in-stadium than at home.

    Try to get to the stadium and catch one of these contests.

Week 1: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

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    When the NFL season kicks off on September 5th at Metlife Stadium, the place will surely be packed.

    Not only is it the first game of the season, but Cowboys-Giants is a storied rivalry that gets more interesting every year.

    The atmosphere promises to be electric, and we look for this game to kick off the NFL season well.

Week 1: San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers

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    In a potential NFC Conference Championship preview, the 49ers and Packers meet in a clash between the conference's two best teams.

    Past the matchup, the game will be played at legendary Lambeau Field, which promises a football-crazed element and a good game-day experience.

    These two teams should make it very interesting to the last second, and this game should be an intense contest in the stadium.

Week 1: Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Fans have waited a whole year to see Peyton Manning suit up and compete in a meaningful game, so this Sunday Night matchup against the merciless Pittsburgh Steelers should be refreshing.

    As for the matchup itself, the Steelers will look to exact revenge on the Broncos for a heartbreaking loss in the Wild Card round of the playoffs in 2011.

    Granted, this is a very different Bronco team, but that only serves to make it more fun to watch in person as Peyton Manning makes his return in a hostile environment at Heinz Field.

Week 2: Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers

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    Maybe the 49ers just have a knack for making things interesting, but they deservedly appear in the first two weeks of my countdown.

    49er fans will be charged up to play the Lions after the handshake fiasco of 2011, and this game promises to be a thriller anyway with such a good matchup.

    With the fans at Candlestick also revved up about this game being their home opener, Lions-49ers should be a very fun game to get to.

Week 9: Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins

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    It's quite possible that both of these team will be out of playoff contention at this point, but it doesn't really matter. Everyone wants a ticket to this game.

    Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III are the two most exciting players in the NFL, bar none, and being able to watch both of them in person is a special experience.

    These two Heisman winners look to make this lowly matchup into a fun contest that anyone would want a ticket to see.

Week 10: New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks

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    In a very underrated Week 10 matchup, the Jets and Seahawks could both be fighting for their playoff lives by the time this game rolls around.

    CenturyLink Field in Seattle, the home of the 12th Man, will be alive and loud during this contest, and it's easy to figure that the Jets will be equally enthused to play.

    While it may turn out that neither team makes the playoffs, this game will have fans on their feet and rocking the city of Seattle for three hours.

Week 11: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Not only are the Baltimore Ravens traveling to Heinz Field for an intense rivalry matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers here, but the game will be on Sunday Night Football.

    The "Terrible Towels" will be waving in the wind and look for each play to provoke the stadium into loud noise.

    Both of these teams may be fighting for their lives at this point, and being in the stadium for this football game would be a memorable experience.

Week 12: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

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    Football and Thanksgiving just seem to go together, so the chance to go to Cowboys Stadium on Thanksgiving Day and watch the Cowboys play the Redskins is an experience that can't be duplicated.

    I considered putting the Patriots-Jets game on here instead, but there's truly nothing like Cowboy football on Thanksgiving Day.

    The tradition behind this Thanksgiving Day rivalry is unmatched, and look for these two teams to put on a good show, too.

Week 14: Houston Texans at New England Patriots

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    This is one of my favorite contests on the whole slideshow as the AFC's two best teams figure to duke it out on Monday Night Football, in Gillette Stadium, late in the season.

    Foxborough will be rocking and rolling with this matchup as their Patriots could be guarding an undefeated record at this point.

    As for the game itself, what better way to preview the AFC Championship game than on Monday Night Football?

Week 17: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

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    Buffalo Bills fans will come out in droves for this Week 17 clash if their team is on the brink of a Wild Card.

    This could be a win-and-in situation for both teams, and it will be a loud, playoff atmosphere in Buffalo if that's the case.

    The AFC isn't as strong as it once was, and both of these teams figure to play for a playoff spot here if things go as planned.

Week 17: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

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    If being outside during Week 17 doesn't excite you too much, look no further than this domed rivalry clash for a good time during the season's last week.

    The Bears and Lions, like the Jets and Bills, could be playing for the final spot in the NFC here, and it would truly be a win-and-in situation for both squads.

    Lions fans will be loud, and look for Ford Field to have an electric atmosphere in the season's final week. The loser of this game may end up going home.


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