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Home or Road? Picking the Better-Looking Uniform for Every FBS Team

Nick de la TorreCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2017

Home or Road? Picking the Better-Looking Uniform for Every FBS Team

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    Can you feel it?

    College football is right around the corner.

    After another long offseason we are just over three weeks from filling our Saturday afternoons with college football. Will USC dethrone the SEC and end their quest for seven BCS National Championships? How will the two newcomers to the SEC fare in their first season in a new conference? Will teams like Georgia, Florida State, Oregon, Michigan and Arkansas live up to their preseason hype? Only time will tell. 

    Now that we have all of those questions out of the way, let's ask the most important question of all. Is your favorite teams home or road uniform better? OK, that may not be the most important question heading into the season but let's take a look at every FBS schools home and road uniforms and pick which one looks better. After all when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you play good. 

Air Force

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    Disregard the picture to the left and check this link out

    Air Force is moving to a new uniform combination in 2012 and while they both look good the winner goes to the new aways. 

    The all grey with blue on the sleeves and numbers is a good look. The blue really pops off of the grey, especially on the helmet, which brought back the single stripe that Air Force used to have. 


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    Akron has a good blue and gold color scheme but their home uniforms are too busy. The combination of gold on the helmets and pants with blue jerseys along with a multi-colored piping on the side is just too much. 

    The white away with blue pants is much easier on the eyes and an overall cleaner look. 


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    When you think of a classic college football uniform a few teams come to mind, Alabama is one of those teams. 

    While I am personally a fan of their away uniforms, the Tide's home uniform is too good to pass up. 

    The old school helmet with a single stripe and number on either side is classic college football. The Tide's uniform has been able to stand the test of time and I don't see a change coming any time soon. 


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    These all white uniforms are a really clean look for the Wildcats. 

    Their alternate all red uniforms come in a close second place with the home blue tops a distant third. Hopefully they decide to scrap the idea of wearing these helmets. 

Arizona State

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    Arizona State has adopted the Oregon uniform method of creating as many uniform possibilities as possible. Last season the Sun Devils sported three jerseys, four pants and four different helmets that gave them an almost limitless amount of combinations. 

    With a team using so many combinations it is hard to determine what their true home and away uniforms are, so we will just pick their best uniform, the all black. 

    It is hard to mess up an all black uniform and more teams have been adding in an all black alternate. The Sun Devils pull it off well. I mean just look at this picture. Wouldn't you like to see your favorite team in a uniform like that?


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    Arkansas unveiled new uniforms for the 2012 season. The new uniforms are built with the latest technology and performance innovation. 

    On top of that these uniforms look good. 

    For me, the all cardinal red with the white helmet is the clear favorite. The all white and new grey alternate are slick, but the red has to top the list. The players pushed for red socks and the school obliged. 

    The new Razorbacks uniforms are living up to the hype surrounding the team and if they can play as good as the uniforms look, Arkansas can become a serious contender in 2012. 

Arkansas State

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    Red and black always look good together and the Red Wolves pull of their home uniforms perfectly. 

    The contrast of the bright red between a black helmet and pants is clean while red piping on the pants is a nice detail that brings the uniform together. 


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    Yes this article is titled "Home vs. Road" but when a team brings out a uniform this unique it is hard to not pick it. 

    Army should wear these all camouflage uniforms as often as possible. 


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    There is something about schools who have white helmets that really stick out when they wear all white. Auburn is no exception. 

    Their all white uniform with navy blue and burnt orange stripes on the shoulders, pants and helmets accent the clean white look. The interlocking "AU" on either side of the helmet pulls this classic look together. 

Ball State

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    As we said before it's hard to go wrong with red and black. 

    Ball State's home uniforms beat our their away uniforms in a landslide. The white helmet and pants combo looks good and makes the red jersey really stand out. 


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    Baylor is another team that has moved away from a set home and away uniform and rely on several jersey/pant/helmet combinations to make multiple home and road uniforms. 

    This white on white with the traditional gold helmet takes the cake. Baylor wore this uniform on the road in 2011 and also wore it with a white helmet. 

Boise State

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    The Mountain West conference didn't allow the Broncos to wear their all blue uniforms on the blue turf of their home field, so they came up with this option. 

    Sure I'm biased, orange is my favorite color, but with the blue turf as a backdrop these all orange uniforms really stand out. 

Boston College

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    There were once simpler times where when a team would showcase new uniforms they would trot two players out. One player would be wearing the home uniform with the other showing off the away. When Boston College showcased their new uniforms in 2011 it took six players to show off the combinations they planned on using that season. 

    While these all maroon uniforms were not shown in that picture they were brought out for a big game against Florida State. 

    Unfortunately for BC the whole idea that if you look good you'll play good didn't work out for them in a 38-7 loss to FSU. 

Bowling Green

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    Bowling Green's home uniforms easily beats out their away uniforms. The Orange helmet and jersey look good together and the white pants and shoes are a good contrast. I also like how the stripe from the pants works into the stripe and piping on the jersey. 


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    Buffalo recently got a makeover and once again Nike proved they are the best at what they do. 

    All three of these options are very good looking but if we stick to the title of the article we need to pick either a home or an away. 

    The home uniforms win a close race, but you really can't go wrong with any of these options. 


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    BYU has gone through some major uniform overhauls over the years. 

    They have come to rest, for now, on the navy blue and white color scheme and a traditional uniform stripe set. 

    The away uniforms look the best in my opinion. The contrast of navy blue stripes on the helmet and jersey and white stripes on the pants is a good look that the Cougars should stick with. As long as they never wear these uniforms again Cougar fans should be happy. 


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    These road uniforms win in a landslide for the Cal Golden Bears. 

    The white helmet and jersey look good but the pants are what really stick out. The unique gold stripes on the pants(Baylor has a very similar look) really pop off the navy blue pants. 

Central Michigan

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    These all white away uniforms are accented perfectly with maroon piping on the jersey and a unique stripe on the pants. 


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    I'm a big fan of an all black uniform and it's hard not to look good in an all black uniform. The Bearcats home uniforms are crisp and they have a unique stripe on the side of their pants that is unique to the university. 


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    "The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football" where the Clemson Tigers touch Howard's Rock and run down the hill wouldn't look the same without their home orange uniforms. 

    The Tigers Orange helmet and jersey combo are matched perfectly with their white pants and orange stripes on the side. The helmet also brings their alternate color, purple, into the fold. 


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    Colorado's away uniforms win this battler. 

    The black pants stick out with white tops and a gold helmet. the black and gold are tied in on the jersey in the sleeve striping. 

    Overall a very clean look. 

Colorado State

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    The helmet may be borrowed from a certain NFL team but the Rams of Colorado State pull off the look as well. 

    The green and gold color scheme works well together and the pattern on the pants and shoulders is unique. 


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    While these are not the traditional home jerseys, they should be. 

    The Huskies look good sporting blue from head to toe. The blue helmet, jersey and pants are all accented by white that gives you an easy to look at uniform that meshes modern and classic to a tee. 


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    Is this Duke or the Indianapolis Colts? Regardless this is a good look for the Blue Devils. 

Eastern Michigan

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    Eastern Michigan's away uniforms are the winner here. The all white look with green helmets and accents are really clean and almost make you forget about the other team from Michigan that wears green and white uniforms. 


    Well at least the uniforms look good. 


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    When your color is purple you need to go all in to pull it off. The Pirates do that with these uniforms and they pull the look off just fine. 


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    The Gators have worn the same uniforms for a long time. Their home uniforms win in this battle. While they have recently worn orange tops, an all blue and an all white uniform the traditional home uniform really says Florida football. 

    The script "Gators" on the helmet is a mainstay for the Gators and one of their best features. 


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    If you haven't noticed I may be partial to teams that have white helmets and wear white uniforms. 

    The Owls of FAU are no different. Their white helmet with white tops and bottoms is a super clean look. The red and blue accents pop off of this uniform. 


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    The Golden Panthers are a team on the rise and many people expect them to win the Sun Belt Conference this season. 

    As their play gets better on the field these all blue home uniforms make sure they look good while they're doing it. 

Florida State

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    As tempting as it is to pick these uniforms, the Noles really don't wear them often enough to qualify for this slideshow. 

    Instead we'll go with the Noles garnet and gold home uniforms. The garnet top sandwiched in between the gold helmets and paints instantly makes you think of FSU. The spear on the helmet and graphic around the neck and sleeves is a nice finishing touch. 

Fresno State

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    Sometimes when a team wears the same color helmet, jersey and pants it can be too much. 

    Not for Fresno State. With their school colors being cardinal and blue they pull off the all cardinal uniform. The blue accent around the collar and sleeves is a nice touch to bring in the schools other official color. 


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    Fans of the Dawgs have grown accustomed to their traditional uniform. Red helmets and jerseys along with silver pants is quintessential Georgia. The fans are so accustomed to their uniforms that they may have been the first fan base to not love their Nike Pro Combat uniforms.  

Georgia Tech

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    Georgia Tech's away whites come in ahead of their old gold homes. 

    The Yellow Jackets away uniform sports their old gold helmet and pants with a white jersey. This is a clean and classic look for Georgia Tech. 


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    Green and black really go well together and Hawai'i pulls it off perfectly with their home uniforms. 

    With a mainly black uniform that is accented with green down the legs and along the shoulders the Warriors look ready to go when they play in their home state. 


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    Houston's home red jersey and helmet with white pants come out on top here. The Cougars complete the look with red socks. The piping on the jersey is subtle and adds to the top while the stripe on the pants is unique and works well with the uniform. 


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    I don't know why but for some reason these black and gold uniforms really stand out to me. It is a clean look that doesn't go over the top with piping or stripes. Clean and simple. 


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    These all white aways were the best uniforms that the Hoosiers wore last season. 

    The white helmet, jersey and pant with crimson accents is a clean look. The school's interlocked "IU" in crimson really pops on the white helmet. 

    Now if only Indiana could play as good as these away uniforms look. 


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    Not much to say here.

    With a uniform that looks very similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Iowa keeps their uniforms simple and they pull off this very classic look. 

Iowa State

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    While I prefer the away uniforms I have to go with the home uniforms because the Cyclones took down Oklahoma State in them. 

    By far the biggest win in school history and a moment that will be remembered by Cyclone fans forever. 


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    Illinois has a very good looking home uniform. The dark blue tops with white pants are a clean look and the white piping on the jersey along with orange helmets and stripe on the pants pull the look together. 


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    Although Kansas hasn't been a threat on the football field for some time now they at least look good in their home blues. 

    The Blue top and helmet look good on top of their white pants with blue stripes. Their numbers are unique to the university and the KU on the helmet brings the look together. 

Kansas State

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    The Wildcats are another team that pulls off purple. 

    Kansas State wears grey pants with two purple stripes down the leg and the purple top with white accents really pops. 


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    Kentucky's uniforms recently went through a complete overhaul and once again Nike got it right. The all blue uniform is accented with a blue and dark blue checkered pattern on the sleeves that is unique looks good. 

Kent State

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    The Golden Flashes look good with a dark blue and gold pants combo. Both the pants and jerseys have a very subtle piping that accents the uniform nicely. The gold pants really pop with the much darker top. 

Louisiana Tech

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    Louisiana Tech's uniforms look like something the USA would wear if football was every added to the Olympics. 

    The red white and blue stripes and tones throughout the jersey look clean and are not overstated. 

Louisiana Lafayette

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    The Ragin' Cajuns official school colors are white and vermilion. That's fun to say. Unfortunately their uniforms are pretty cluttered. 

    Their red and black home uniforms are slightly better than their away whites. 

Louisiana Monroe

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    This shade of maroon doesn't do it for me, so whichever uniform encorporated the least amount of it would win in my opinion. 

    That is the away uniform. The all white uniform is accented by maroon and it doesn't get in the way. 


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    Here we go again. A team with a white helmet who also pulls off a very good looking white away uniform. 

    The uniform is pulled together with the same stripes being used on the shoulders, pants and helmet. Louisville is one of the only schools to have the same stripe pattern throughout their uniform and it gives them a really unique look. 


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    LSU avoids their purple tops like the plague so we really don't see them too often. While I like the look of their purple tops the gold helmet and pants with a white jersey has become classic LSU. 


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    And our best looking uniform is our away uniform. I'm not a big fan of the Thundering Herd's kelly green so as little of it as possible looks good to me. 


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    In their attempt to keep up with Nike, Under Armour has tried to make a splash with their uniforms. 

    Some love what the company is doing with Maryland and some people hate it. 

    The Pride uniforms they wore against Miami last season had Twitter blowing up with good and bad comments. 

    The Terrapins will be wearing yet another new uniform in 2012 that you can check out here. The white top and red pants look better in my opinion but I think they have taken a step back from last year. 


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    The Minutemen will be testing the FBS waters this season and although they may not be up to snuff on the field, they will look good doing it. 

    They have a good shade of maroon and these jerseys are ready for the bright lights of the FBS even if the team isn't there just yet.


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    Miami has become known for the "U" on their helmet. 

    As long as the "U" is there, it doesn't really matter what the Canes are wearing. However they do have a very bright, distinct orange top that they wear at home that looks good with their white pants and helmet. 


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    These away uniforms may be slightly out of date, but they are the best that Memphis has to offer. 

Miami University

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    Guilty as charged. Another all white uniform is picked. 


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    These aren't the normal away uniforms for Michigan, but they should be. 

Michigan State

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    The new away uniform has a weird stripe on the shoulder. The home uniform without that white stripe is the best looking uniform for the Spartans. 

Middle Tennessee

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    These blue top home uniforms are a good look for the Blue Raiders. 


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    The shades of maroon and gold are not my favorite so the white uniform that uses the least of them gets the nod. 

Mississippi State

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    The Bulldogs get a makeover for the 2012 season and while both uniforms look good the away white wins here. 

    The jersey pops in between the maroon helmet and pants. The new undershirt with a vertical maroon stripe is a good addition to the uniform. 


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    Missouri is not only moving to a new conference, they're getting new uniforms as well. 

    Although grey is not a traditional color, the white uniform with grey sleeves and numbers is a really good looking uniform. 


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    Although the Navy Pro Combat uniforms are far and away their best uniform ever, it is just a one off uniform that we likely will never see again. 

    In a distant second place, but first for our purposes, is Navy's white road uniforms. 

NC State

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    These all red uniforms are really sharp. 


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    Nebraska is getting a new uniform for their game against Wisconsin next year and it's a good thing they will only wear these once. 

    Give me the traditional Nebraska home uniform and call it a day. 


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    Nevada's away uniforms are much cleaner than their home uniforms. The all white with blue accents is crisp while the blue home uniforms with white and silver accents doesn't hold serve. 

New Mexico

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    I don't like the lettering or either uniform for the Lobos. But the away uniforms are easier to look at than the home unis. 

New Mexico State

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    The away uniforms for the Aggies are very good looking. The crimson helmet and pants look good around the white uniform. I also like the smaller stripe on the pants to coincide with the stripe on the jersey. 

North Carolina

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    North Carolina came up with a color so distinct it was given the name "Carolina Blue." 

    The Tar Heels are easily recognized with their shade of blue and the home uniform displays it proudly. 

North Texas

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    I'm not a fan of this pale shade of green. Seeing that the away uniforms have the least amount of green they're the winner in this slideshow. 

Northern Illinois

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    These all black home uniforms with red piping are pretty slick. 


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    Northwestern was given some new threads courtesy of Under Armour. While they are still no Nike Pro Combat uniform, these are better than Maryland's new unis. 

Notre Dame

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    Notre Dame recently decided that their helmets had faded over time and needed a fresher look. The helmets look good and Notre Dame's home blues are as classic as any uniform in college football. 


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    Ohio has a really clean looking away uniform. The Bobcats all white uniform with two green pinstripes on the pants, shoulders and helmets gives the Bobcats a sleek look when they hit the road. 

Ohio State

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    Ohio State's uniforms have become iconic, especially their home scarlet tops. 

    The home scarlet Jersey with silver helmets and pants have become as much as a tradition as "dotting the I" before home games. The Buckeyes also have their traditional buckeye helmet sticker that further distinguishes them. 


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    The Sooners home uniforms have become synonymous with the university. The Crimson top with "Sooners" across the chest along with the interlocking "OU" on the helmet is quintessential Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma State

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    With a seemingly endless amount of jersey combinations the Cowboys have moved away from traditional home and away uniforms. 

    So for the sake of this article we'll pick these orange tops with black pants and helmets. The new double stripe down the pant legs is unique to the team and another way Nike shows off its uniform dominance. 

Ole Miss

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    The Ole Miss Rebels have hit hard times on the football field. But at least they look good when they play. The Rebels main stay home uniform is blue but they wear the red enough to qualify for our purposes. 


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    Oregon is the team that started it all. When the co-founder and CEO of Nike is an alumni and your school is willing to never wear a uniform more than once you get uniform gold. 

    The Ducks rarely, if ever, wear a uniform more than once in a season so we just went ahead and picked the coolest looking jersey the Ducks have worn. It wasn't easy. 

    The uniforms the Ducks wore for last seasons Rose Bowl end up on top because of the helmets. The shiny chrome helmet is something I have never seen before and a truly unique look. 

    The Ducks play on the field has gotten better every year since they started implementing all of these innovative uniforms, giving credence to our "if you look good you play good" theory. 

Oregon State

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    Seemingly ready for Halloween all year long, the Beavers look best in these orange tops and black pants that they wear at home. 

Penn State

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    Penn State is going to be adding names to the back of their jerseys for the first time in the schools 126 year football history. 

    The Nittany Lions will also sport a blue ribbon to recognize and honor victims of child abuse. The blue ribbon is a thoughtful touch but will just continue to remind people of the atrocities that the former coaching staff hid for decades. The ribbon will act like a scarlet letter more than make people sympathetic for the university. 


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    The Pitt Panthers keep it simple. Gold and blue and an easy home and away uniform. 

    The Panthers home uniform is their best. The blue jersey and gold pants contrast well and the gold helmet with "PITT" across it is sharp. 


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    The Boilermakers got a new uniform in 2011. 

    The home uniform looks good and the accents around the neck are a nice touch. 


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    You could say that schools like Alabama and Penn State have plain uniforms. But those schools uniforms have become apart of the football program. Rice's uniform is just plain and in need of a makeover. 

    We'll go with the all blue home uniforms for this slide show. 


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    The Scarlet Knights got a much needed makeover heading into the 2012 season. All three of these uniforms look good but the white stands out to me. 

    The white uniform is very clean and the subtle red stripes really add to the uniform. It helps that this is the helmet that goes along with those uniforms. 

San Diego State

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    The Aztecs are in dire need of a uniform change. The only redeeming quality in their uniforms is the red helmet that fades to black. 

San Jose State

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    The Spartans of San Jose State have some very good looking away uniforms. The bright blue and yellow are in stark contrast but work well together in these away whites. 


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    The SMU Mustangs away uniforms are plain, but still manage to look good. The white from head to toe looks clean while the stripes on the helmet and sleeves add to the uniform without making it look cluttered. 

South Alabama

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    The South Alabama Jaguars are joining the big boys in the FBS this year and while we don't know how they will fare in the win-loss column they will at least look good on the field.  

    The Jags home red uniforms look good with white accents that all comes together with their white helmet. 

South Carolina

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    The Gamecocks have one of the best looking uniforms in the SEC and they are definitely the best uniform Under Armour makes. 

    South Carolina keeps it simple with their triple striped helmet and uses both schools colors along with the team logo. 

    The uniforms incorporate garnet, black and white and the "Carolina" across the chest is classy and unmistakable.  

Southern Mississippi

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    Mississippi State's claim to fame was it's most famous alumni, Brett Favre. That was until the Golden Eagles showed that they are a team on the rise when they knocked off then undefeated Houston to win Conference USA. 

    The Golden Eagles looked good while doing it in these white jerseys. The piping on the jersey and stripe on the pants are understated and don't take away from the uniform. 

    Their helmets are truly original. With the words "Southern Mississippi" on one side and the player's number on the other it is a look that you do not see too often. 


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    Stanford has a classic look with their cardinal tops, white helmets and white pants. The pants are simple with a double stripe down the side and the helmet is unmistakable with their axe blade helmet stickers. 

South Florida

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    Yes, this is a home vs. road slide show. 

    No, this is not what the Bulls normally wear at home. 

    But sometimes rules are meant to be broken right?

    These uniforms are so far out there that it takes a while to get used to. Once your eyes have adjusted you can appreciate the risk that both Under Armour and South Florida took when wearing these uniforms. The abstract pattern along the pants, shoulders and on the helmet takes a while to get used to but is a good look when you get used to it. 


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    Syracuse has a good mix of modern and classic in their away uniform. 

    The block ''S" and three stripe helmet along with a tree stripe pattern on the pants are a nod to the old school. The new jerseys are plain white with a very subtle blue piping around a numbered sleeve. Oh, Nike, you did it again.


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    TCU is another team that pulls off purple very well. 

    The Horned Frogs look like they're in stealth mode in these sleek black uniforms with purple accents. The purple on the sleeve and helmet compliment the all black jerseys and pants.


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    Some love what Temple does with their uniforms and some hate it. There doesn't seem to be a gray area. 

    Personally I love the design on their pants and think that it looks especially good on their white away uniforms. 


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    Known affectionately throughout the SEC as a "creamsicle orange" the Vol Nation has embraced their shade or orange. 

    The Vols home uniforms have become a staple and have not gone through too many changes throughout the years. The simple orange top, white pants and helmet have become synonymous with Tennessee. The orange block "T" on the helmet is a classic look. 


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    Speaking of iconic uniforms that have stood the test of time Texas' burnt orange home uniforms may be one of the best in college football. 

    The burnt orange is a color that is as closely tied with the university as Carolina blue is with the Tar Heels.

    The Longhorns look is simplistic. A white helmet with the logo on either side. Burt orange top with white numbers and "Texas" printed boldly across the chest. The pants are plain white with just the Longhorn logo on either hip. 

    A classy, simple look. 

Texas A&M

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    Like Missouri, who joins A&M as new members in the SEC, the Aggies will wear brand new uniforms this season. 

    The Aggies all maroon uniforms come in as our favorite. The vertical stripes on the shoulder is a unique look that is even more unique when the undershirt is worn with matching stripes. The undershirt even brings in the famed "12th man" which is sure to be a hit with the fan base. 

Texas State

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    Texas State joins the WAC this year and their home uniform is the better of their two uniforms. 

    The maroon top with an old gold graphic is a good look but slightly out dated. They might not need to yet but a jersey makeover is definitely in the cards for the Bobcats sooner rather than later. 

Texas Tech

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    Texas Tech was an enigma last year. After beating Texas State, New Mexico, Nevada, Kansas and Oklahoma they lost six straight to end the season. 

    The Red Raiders have a ton of jersey combinations but these white aways are by far their best. The white uniform is accented with black and red and the double T logo on a black helmet completes the look.  


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    Toledo is in need of a uniform change and that's bad considering they just got a makeover in 2010. These uniforms just do not look good but since we have to pick one the away white it is. 

    Toledo should scrap their current uniforms and build around these helmets


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    There is something so plain about these jerseys that makes them look good. The simplistic look just works here. 

    The cardinal plain cardinal pants are a throwback and the white jerseys only have cardinal numbers and "Trojans" across the chest. The helmet features the school's logo on either side and a unique stripe down the middle. 

    For a guy that loves the newest and craziest looking uniforms, there is just something about these simple, clean uniforms that does it for me. 


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    The Tulane Green Wave have a very good looking home uniform. The baby blue in the helmet works well with the green in the pinstripe. The bold "Tulane" above the numbers works well and gives the Green Wave a classic college football look. 


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    Since getting new uniforms in 2008 the Blazers have only managed a 16-32 record. Well at least they look good in those new unis. 

    The Blazers road white is their best uniform. The stripe on the jersey blends in with their gold pants and works well with their gold helmets. The schools other color is incorporated in the jersey number and the logo works well on the helmet. 


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    The UCF Knights took a step back last season on the field but they look good when they play at Bright House Networks Stadium. 

    The Black top, gold pants and white helmet incorporate all of the schools colors and the helmet is the best looking part of the uniform. The gold and black stripes really pop off of the helmet and the "UCF" logo is one of the coolest looking logos in the NCAA. 


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    The UCLA Bruins have a timeless look that shouldn't be changed. The light blue and gold uniforms are a classic look and the script "UCLA" on the helmet is unmistakeable. 


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    Seven Heisman winners have worn the cardinal and gold. The Trojans have a storied history on the field and their uniforms have stayed consistent through the years. 

    The single wide yellow stripe on the shoulder is classic and the double cardinal stripe on gold pants have become quintessential USC. The Trojan on either side of the helmet finishes the look off. 

    Fight On!


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    The Utes have an alright uniform. It doesn't need to be overhauled but could do with a few changes. Their away uniform with red pants and helmets is their best look. 

    The red numbers and accents on the jersey tie in with the helmet and pants and the stripe on the pants is unique. 

Utah State

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    Utah State is getting new uniforms for the 2012 season. 

    Nike did it again and all of the uniforms are works of art. We flipped a coin and decided on the away uniforms. The white looks clean but it is the helmet that steals the show


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    UTEP is getting new uniforms for the 2012 season. All of their uniforms sport a same color jersey and pants which works for some teams but can look tacky for others. UTEP pulls the look off on all of their uniforms. 

    The home blues look especially good. The piping along the side of the jersey connects into their orange collar which stands out against their dark blue uniform. 


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    The UTSA Roadrunners went 4-6 in their inagural season as an FCS independent and will move into the WAC in 2012. 

    The Roadrunners didn't complicate things with their uniforms. They have a simple dark blue and orange scheme that we've seen throughout college football and it looks good. UTSA will struggle on the field but they will look good while doing it. 


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    Vanderbilt is a team on the rise in 2012 and they will get new uniforms to match their play. 

    The all black home uniform is the best of their three new unis. Many teams use all black uniforms but not many of those teams have black as a natural school color. 

    Vanderbilt uses their school colors very well in all three of these uniforms but the all black uniform takes the cake. 


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    These are easily the Cavaliers loudest jersey combination and even though it is out there they pull it off. The orange helmet and jersey work well together and the thin stripes on the pants are a good look. 

Va Tech

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    The Hokies recently moved to a retro looking uniform and they nailed it. 

    Just look at these white uniforms and tell me what's wrong with them. 

    Don't worry, I'll wait.

Wake Forest

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    Wake Forest's home uniforms are their best uniform. 

    The black helmet and jersey combo mesh well together and the gold pants are a good contrast. The piping on the jersey is a good mix of white and gold and it doesn't come off as clustered. 

    An overall clean look for the Demon Deacons.


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    Jake Locker put the University of Washington on the map and the school quickly got new uniforms to go with their increased media attention. 

    These all white away uniforms with their standard gold helmet is the Huskies best look. The double stripe down the pants is a classic look while the piping around the shoulders gives the uniform a modern feel. A good example of how modern and classic uniform styles can mesh.

Washington State

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    Nike was hard at work this offseason and the Cougars from Washington State were one of the benefactors. Nike has become the unrivaled leader in creating some of the best looking uniforms in college football. 

    The new grey helmet with their crimson tops and grey pants is the best look. The crimson top looks good with grey accents and and the red logo on the helmet really pops off of the grey. 

West Virginia

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    The West Virginia Mountaineers will be wearing an all grey alternate this season. The all grey could be their best looking uniform but it remains to be seen how often they will wear it. 

    For now their best uniform is their all white aways. 

    The white uniform has yellow accents that don't stand out from far away and give the uniform a really clean look. 

Western Kentucky

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    The Hilltoppers have a very unique away uniform. The all white look has a similar stripe pattern that many teams use. But instead of a solid stripe, the stripe is outlined in red and filled with a cream color. A very unique look and it gets the nod for top uniform in their repertoire. 

Western Michigan

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    The Broncos do a good job of tying in their team colors throughout these away uniforms. 

    Gold in the helmet, black pants, and a gold and black stripes on the shoulder. A solid all around look. 


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    Wisconsin has a traditional uniform. The white helmet with their trademarked red "W" draws your attention first. Moving down their red uniforms with white numbers and two thin stripes is a classic look. The white pants with dual red stripes completes the outfit. 


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    The Cowboys got an overhaul in the uniform department before last season and they look great. 

    With so many options the Cowboys don't have a standard home or away uniform as they mix and match from a bevy of options. 

    The away white jersey with brown pants and brown helmets is their best look. The helmet is especially good looking as the logo and helmet are the same color. The white outline around the logo makes it really stand out. 

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