David Carr: Giants Sign a Lemon

glenn warciskiCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2008

Regarding the Giants' recent signing of David Carr; I do not like this move.

I think Carr is a bust. Just like Ryan Leaf, he is another overrated college quarterback. I think Carr does not recognize defenses and holds onto the ball too long.

Last year at Carolina, he was so bad that fans incessantly booed him and Coach Fox could not play him at home games. If one thinks Carolina has tough fans, I think 76,000 at Giants Stadium would be much louder.

Last year, when Chris Palmer was announced quarterbacks' coach he was called upon to help develop Eli Manning into a much better quarterback. I recall media hacks scoffing at the Palmer hire. Well, Eli won the Super Bowl. One can only hope Palmer can do the same with Carr.