WWE: Why CM Punk's Heel Turn Is the Right Move for the Company

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 5, 2012

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JUNE 11:  (L-R) WWE wrestlers CM Punk, Natalya and MVP pose for a photo with Warriors jerseys after a  Warriors NRL  training session at Mt Smart Stadium on June 11, 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand.  (Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)
Sandra Mu/Getty Images

He did not turn his back on the WWE Universe. What he did was reaffirm his stance as the loner of the WWE.

And in the process, CM Punk reverted to the character that made him wildly popular in the first place.

And truly, it's about time.

It has been almost two weeks since CM Punk and The Rock clashed on Monday night and it is clear the "Straight Edge" wrestler is going back to his roots of a year ago.

The one who was not respected by WWE management and the one who needed a character makeover so he did not look so lame at times. This was a long time coming and it allows the WWE to cash in on what worked so well a year ago.

Hopefully, we will get long tangents of perplexing thought and dialogue which promotes him as the forgotten one or the disrespected champion (in some ways, he is).

You know, the one who wasn't here to make friends or fans. The one who all of the sudden over the last few months looked like he needed the fans to in fact be successful.

None of that any more, and bravo for the change in attitude and character.

While he still holds the WWE Title, CM Punk without the title or more of the "anti-hero" role is better for the WWE and the fans. It presents more opportunity for matches, more feuds and in fact more ratings. Also, let's all face it. CM Punk although a great performer, had become somewhat boring.

John Cena helped make that happen. Now, the two can fight it out on the big stage with Big Show at SummerSlam.

Will we see The Rock? Will we see a clean win? Will Punk get the respect he thinks he rightfully deserves?

We will have to wait and see. But having a "heel" Punk is much more entertaining and just what the WWE needs. And it all happens about one year ago from the date of the first promotional assassination.

Brilliant move on the WWE's part.

If Punk can deliver the same bravado as before in angles with Cena, then this is a win-win for Punk and the WWE.