WWE/TNA/ROH: My Top 15 Moments of the Week (July 30-Aug. 3)

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IAugust 5, 2012

WWE/TNA/ROH: My Top 15 Moments of the Week (July 30-Aug. 3)

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    Another week of professional wrestling has come to an end and it was an overall good week.

    WWE Monday Night Raw was a good show. Featuring a few good matches and a great segment, the good outweighed the bad that filled the extra hour.

    WWE NXT was a decent showing as the tournament to crown the first champion began. The tournament matches were good, but the middle of the show left a lot to be desired.

    TNA Impact Wrestling gave fans a good show. The event featured five matches, four of which made the list.

    Ring of Honor's July 28 episode of ROH Wrestling was a decent show. The beginning of the event was nothing special while the main event saved the night.

    WWE Superstars was good as it featured two good matches out of the three. I thought that the third was a disappointing match.

    WWE Friday Night SmackDown capped off the week with another good show. With a number of good matches, one of which really surprised me, the blue brand continues to deliver on Friday nights.

    As always I would like you to choose what you thought was the best show of the week! The results from last week will be revealed at the end, but you can vote for this week right here!

    Before I get into my top moments, though, I'd like to offer a new feature to the list. So before I show my top 15 moments of the week, here is what I thought was the worst moment of the week!

Worst Moment of the Week

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    Much like any professional wrestling show, there are going to be a few moments that are definitely the downsides of each week. This week, I felt that the worst moment of the week was the Claire Lynch baby shower featured on TNA Impact Wrestling.

    Featuring TNA tag team champions Christopher Daniels and Kazarian handing Claire gifts, this segment left me scratching my head. Between the ridiculous gifts and Claire's horrid acting, this was just plain bad.

    Where did TNA find this woman? There's no way they got her from an acting agency, or however you find an actor.

    Apparently there is absolutely nothing better for the tag team champions to do other than to throw her a baby shower. Daniels was great on the mic, which was the only good thing about the whole the segment.

    His heel character has really become one of the best in TNA, and possibly in the business as a whole. It's just a shame that it's being wasted in this ridiculous storyline. I want to see them both wrestle and defend their titles!

    TNA, what are you doing? I've been defending this storyline at times as a "wait and see" kind of thing hoping that it'll get better. The pictures, while badly staged, were a nice touch, but I can't defend the storyline anymore after this. Please just end it!

No. 15: WWE NXT

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    WWE NXT opened with interim general manager Dusty Rhodes announcing the creation of the NXT Championship and the Gold Rush eight-man tournament to crown the new champion. I like the idea of a title for the show. I'm hoping that it'll eventually lead to champions making it to the main roster and getting the opportunity to shine against the top talent.

    The opening contest was a tournament match between Richie Steamboat and Leo Kruger. The son of Ricky Steamboat would advance to the semi-finals in a good match.

    Steamboat is quite good in the ring and could very well do the Steamboat name justice when he gets the opportunity to do so. Kruger is good in the ring as well and he also has a gimmick going for him.

    Kruger is a cocky, arrogant wrestler and his actions in the ring really add to his character. He could be a massive heel if built right.

    Big E. Langston made his debut against Adam Mercer next and he all but killed Mercer. Langston kind of reminds me of a bigger "Alpha Male" Monty Brown, or Marcus Cor Von to fans of WWE's ECW. I don’t think he'll get beyond squashing people, though.

    Raquel Diaz defeated Audrey Marie next in what was a sloppy match. The fans in the building seemed to think so as well with chants of, "You can't wrestle."

    I think WWE called Raquel up way too early. She's got strong mic skills, but her in-ring skills leave a lot to be desired.

    Her gimmick of ridding the world of ugliness is nothing but a cheap knockoff of the Beautiful People, and I wouldn't doubt seeing WWE hire Angelina Love and Velvet Sky to create their own version.

    Backstage, Paige said, "Raquel Diaz? Exfoliating Ugliness Tour? We'll see." Hopefully that means she'll take her out so she can be sent back to FCW. As a Guerrero, wrestling is in her blood. She needs to tap into that heritage, but she also needs to learn how to do so.

    Mike Dalton and Jason Jordan defeated Hunico and Camacho next in a victory that came out of nowhere. I literally looked to the side to grab a new pen and the match was over when I looked back.

    I remember Hunico and Camacho dominating the match, but that was it. I understand putting concentration on the tournament matches, but it would have been nice to see another match.

    The main event saw Seth Rollins defeat Drew McIntyre to advance in the semi-finals of the Gold Rush. They delivered a good match as both wrestlers were quite impressive in the ring.

    I've been a fan of Seth Rollins since his time in Ring of Honor as Tyler Black and I'm glad to see him get this chance to shine. McIntyre continues to be great on NXT and on Superstars when he's on, but get zero attention on the main shows despite being a former Intercontinental Champion.

    I don't know what WWE's problem is with the Scottish superstar, but they need to get back on track with him.

    If it wasn't for the two tournament matches, I think this episode would have been a bust. The beginning and ending were great, but the middle, well, sucked. 

No. 14: ROH Wrestling, July 28

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    Ring of Honor's July 28 episode of ROH Wrestling didn't start off too strong as it began with a squash match. The opening saw Rhino destroy Rocco Abruzzi and it had me not too excited for the rest of the show.

    I don't want to see an event start off with a squash; I think it sets a bad tone for the remainder of the show. Rhino looked good in destroying the guy, though; I just wish I got to see Abruzzi wrestle a bit as I've never heard of him before.

    The match was followed by an odd segment between Tommaso Ciampa, the House of Truth and the Embassy. There's a storyline that sees Truth Martini tease an alliance with the Embassy and no one telling Ciampa what's going on despite being a member of the Embassy.

    It's something like that; I think the few episodes I've missed this year were the ones when it first developed.

    Ciampa then faced off against Mike Sydal, the brother of former ROH tag team champion Matt Sydal, or Evan Bourne to WWE fans. They had a decent match as Sydal impressed a bit and Ciampa dominated most of the match.

    I like Ciampa, especially his finishing move, but I think he needs to ditch the Embassy and go out on his own. I think that Sydal has a future with ROH as he fits in well with the style of the company.

    An in-ring segment between tag team champions at the time, the All Night Express, and Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team was next. Both Kenny King and Shelton Benjamin were solid on the mic while Rhett Titus was a bit awkward and Charlie Haas didn't speak.

    It was hard to take this segment seriously, though, since the All Night Express was stripped of the ROH Tag Team Championship last month. ROH should look into doing what TNA did, which was tape two episodes every few weeks. That way their show won't be so far behind from what's actually going on.

    This episode was saved thanks to the main event. It saw Adam Cole defeat Roderick Strong to win the ROH Television Championship. While the result of the match was all over the internet thanks to ROH themselves uploading video when the episode was taped in June, I still wanted to watch the match.

    I've seen Strong and Cole have many great matches with various opponents, so I had high expectations for the contest. I was not disappointed as both wrestlers delivered a great match with one another.

    Featuring very good wrestling and back-and-forth action, these two showed why people should at least check out Ring of Honor. While the storylines are nothing special, and the company spoils its own tapings sometimes, the matches are more than worth checking out.

    This episode was a rare exception, though, as the main event was the only thing worth noting. The Ciampa/Sydal match was fine, but it was the main event that saved the show and ultimately helped it onto the list.

No. 13: Sheamus vs. Tensai

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    I would have never thought in a million years that I would ever have Tensai on this list. I was never a fan of him when he was Albert and A-Train, and his return has fallen flatter than anything I've seen in a long time.

    These two went at it on a three-hour Raw from my home state in the beginning of June. I was there live in the third row and this was the opening contest. The match actually wasn't too bad back then and this match this past Friday on SmackDown was, dare I say, good.

    I was rather impressed by Tensai's work in the ring with the World Heavyweight Champion. Since his return, I had zero interest in any of his matches. Whether he was squashing lower midcarders or fighting John Cena in WWE's attempt to make him look like a serious threat, I just didn't care.

    For the first time during his Tensai character, Albert actually did look like a threat. He took the Celtic Warrior to the limit, and while there was no way that he'd actually defeat the world champion, there were times where it seemed like he could.

    A win for him would have been beyond huge and really would have placed him on the bad side of the WWE Universe.

    I think that he could become a credible heel and a major threat to one of the world titles, but he can't shake the "Albert" chants. If the fans can't take his new character seriously, then it'll never happen.

    As for Sheamus, he delivered like he usually does, so there isn't much to say here. The big surprise was Tensai and I give the man props for this match.

No. 12: Tara vs. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim vs. Mickie James

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    It's been a while since Impact Wrestling has featured a really good Knockouts match. This fatal four-way to determine Miss Tessmacher's challenger for Hardcore Justice broke that trend as the four women involved delivered big time.

    With constant action throughout the match, these former Knockouts champions showed the fans why their women's division is one of the best in wrestling. The superplex from the top rope from Gail to Tara was an especially nice touch.

    Tara may be 41 years old, but she doesn't look it. She looks great and her in-ring performances are always solid. It's like she gets better with age. Tara is without a doubt one of the best TNA has got in the division.

    Madison Rayne has improved so much since her debut as a lackey to the Beautiful People. When I think about it, she's the only member of the group still with TNA.

    Her reign as Knockouts Champion not only allowed her to develop a great heel character but also progress in the ring. While her character isn't as good as it was, her in-ring work continues to be solid.

    Then you have Gail Kim and Mickie James, who rarely disappoint in the ring. This match was certainly no exception as they both delivered.

    I said last week that Madison's storyline with Earl Hebner may lead to her winning the Knockouts Championship. Well, she's one step closer to the title as Hebner declared Madison the winner despite her shoulder's being down and Tara's being up.

    Hebner has now screwed both Mickie and Tara out of victories in favor of Madison. I'm still hoping that it leads to a Mickie James heel turn, and a turn for Tara would be awesome as well, but with TNA giving attention to the same four women every week, I have a feeling that neither will happen.

    Seriously TNA, where are Sarita, Rosita and Winter? Why is ODB only in backstage segments? How about turning her heel so she can dump Eric Young and give his title to Winter?

    Hopefully the rarely seen Knockouts will be getting some attention sooner rather than later.

No. 11: Booker T Announced as SmackDown General Manager

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    I am quite happy with the decision to name Booker T as the new general manager of SmackDown.

    I feared that Teddy Long would end up getting the job, and while I am a fan of the former general manager, he's been in charge of the SmackDown brand for too long. It was time for somebody new to take charge.

    I think Booker is a great choice. He's been on SmackDown at the announcer's booth for over a year now and he has observed the Friday night show every week as a result. He knows the brand and the wrestlers very well, and if you add in his experience in the business, he is the perfect fit.

    This also gets him off of commentary, which is great. Some shows I can't understand a word he's saying as it seems like he makes a whole sentence one entire word and he mumbles at times.

    He was sometimes entertaining with the headset on, but I think that a role as an authority figure fits him much better. In the long run, I feel that he'll be a better general manager than AJ Lee and ultimately out last her as well.

    Here's to hoping that the five-time WCW champion can keep SmackDown rolling!

No. 10: The Aces and 8s Cause Chaos Without Even Showing Up

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    Since their debut, the Aces and 8s have been attacking wrestlers on the TNA roster. From legends like Sting and Hulk Hogan to the members of the Bound for Glory Series, the group of masked men has wreaked havoc in TNA Wrestling.

    Last week, Bobby Roode made a huge accusation. He said that James Storm was the leader of the group and the evidence just kept piling up.

    First the group attacked A.J. Styles, but not Storm during their match. Then at the end of the show, they just happened to walk away when Storm came out to help the wrestlers getting beat down.

    This past Thursday, the mystery continued. The group sent their calling hand to Brooke Hogan and didn't show up when the roster was ready to fight. With Storm and Kurt Angle in the ring, and Sting, Roode, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Devon and Garett Bischoff outside, the Aces and 8s were a no show.

    Were they afraid of a fair fight? Roode had a different theory and that was that since Storm defeated Angle, he didn't need them to show up. That led to Bully Ray brawling with Storm and Roode fighting with Aries.

    The group didn't even appear and they caused chaos. They threatened their first member of the Knockouts roster, which in itself is big. A group of masked men threatening a woman? That's pretty scary.

    The group then caused members of the roster to band together against them, only to see some of them turn on one another when they didn't appear.

    Is James Storm really the leader? Is the group just sitting back and laughing as they watch the roster tear itself apart over the wrong answer?

    They don't need to be present to cause damage which shows that they are in the heads of the roster. I can't wait to see where TNA goes with this next!

No. 9: WWE Superstars

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    WWE Superstars opened with a good match between Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd that saw Tyson pick up the victory.

    It's a shame that Slater gets squashed on Raw, and sometimes on SmackDown, as he is very good in the ring when he's given the chance. His matches on NXT and Superstars have really impressed me and I'd like to see him get some sort of push outside of getting beat by legends and Randy Orton.

    I'm glad to see Tyson getting a push, though I wish it wasn't against Albert, the Hip Hop Hippo, Tensai or whatever you want to call him. Tensai's return has fallen so flat that it couldn't get any flatter even if it was run over by a steam roller. As long as Tyson ultimately wins the feud and gets a bigger push out of it, I'll deal with it.

    The former tag team champion is great in the ring and I think he'd make a great Intercontinental or United States champion.

    Divas action was up next as Layla defeated Natalya in an odd match. The contest pretty much went like this: Layla danced around and shook her chest, Natalya was serious and pummeled her and Layla kicked her in the head to end the match.

    So is Layla turning into a comedy act? I sure hope not! She has come such a long way since being a Diva Search winner in 2006 and has developed into a good wrestler over the years.

    I used to look forward to Divas matches on Superstars because they were given time and usually delivered good matches, but after this match, I'm scratching my head.

    I was glad to see the division get some attention since WWE couldn't find a spot for the usual two-minute Divas match in the span of three hours. Instead, fans were treated to the Triple H/Brock Lesnar segment from last week two or three times on Raw instead for some reason.

    I was really looking forward to the match since both women are very good wrestlers, but I was utterly disappointed.

    The main event made up for the previous match, though, as Cody Rhodes defeated Justin Gabriel in a very good match. There was a nasty spot on the outside of the ring when Gabriel landed hard, but he got right back up and delivered.

    Both of them impressed, though that doesn't surprise me with Rhodes. What was he doing on Superstars anyway? Why is that man not getting his much deserved shot in the main event?

    Well, at least he's wrestling and not getting stuck with comedy segments or something.

    With the exception of the Divas match, Superstars gave another good show. I can't wait until next week!

No. 8: Chris Jericho and Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler and the Miz

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    These four talented wrestlers delivered the second best match of the night on Monday Night Raw. With some good back-and-forth action, Chris Jericho, Christian, Dolph Ziggler and the Miz showed that they are four of the best in the WWE right now.

    It was also great to see Jericho and Christian back together. They had quite the entertaining reign as world tag team champions for two months back in 2002.

    I love the two feuds in which these four are involved. While just starting, Christian and the Miz have already had two very good matches with one another. I have no doubt in my mind that they'll be going at it at SummerSlam over the Intercontinental Championship, so they will be able to give the fans at least one more solid match.

    I really wish, though, that they have an in-ring segment with each other before the event. Both the Miz and Christian are great mic workers that always deliver and I think that an in-ring segment between them could be very entertaining. Seeing them go back-and-forth on the mic could create a great moment.

    I'd like to see Christian get the title back, only because that would continue the feud for at least another month. When it's all said and done, I feel that the Miz should end up as the champion. "Captain Charisma" doesn't need the title, but the Miz does.

    The Miz hasn't been the same since losing the WWE Championship and holding the Intercontinental title would help elevate him back to the main event.

    As for the Jericho/Ziggler feud, the second Jericho interrupted Mr. Money in the Bank I've been waiting for them to go at it. That segment was great and I can't wait for the match itself.

    I don't think Jericho is going to be around too much longer and that SummerSlam may be his final appearance, at least for this year. There's no better way for him to go out than to give Ziggler a huge push.

    Seeing the Showoff defeat a six-time world champion and nine-time Intercontinental champion would be huge. Y2J would go out making Ziggler look like a million bucks.

    Assuming that both of these matches make the SummerSlam card, they both have the potential to steal the show!

No. 7: Chavo Guerrero vs. Kid Kash

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    Chavo Guerrero's first match in TNA Wrestling went well as he and X-Division veteran Kid Kash delivered a good match. The two wrestlers meshed well together as they gave the TNA fans some nice back-and-forth action throughout the match.

    I haven't seen Guerrero wrestle since I last saw him in WWE, so I was looking forward to seeing him do what he does best. Guerrero is very good in the ring and TNA let him showcase that.

    WWE never gave him a real chance. His most memorable storyline in recent memory was his ridiculous feud with Hornswoggle. Instead of letting him wrestle, they had him chasing a little person around the ring in various "comedic" ways. It's good to know that TNA is going to let the man wrestle.

    I like his pairing with Hernandez as it gets "SuperMex" back on television. He and Kash had a good match at Slammiversary, but he disappeared after that. Whether they're forming a tag team for the rest of the year or they're just allies, Hernandez is back and Guerrero's debut made way for it.

    At Slammiversary, I was reminded just how much I like Kash. He's good in the ring and he's one of the most intense guys TNA has on the roster. His mic work leaves a lot to be desired, but his work inside the squared circle does all of the talking for him.

    I think this is a good first feud for Guerrero. It reminds fans of his skill and it gets wrestlers who are barely used on television back on TV.

    The pairing of Kash and Gunner is a great idea. If TNA gives them the opportunity, they could make a great heel team. WWE is in the process of rebuilding their tag team division and it's time that TNA does the same!

No. 6: The Six-Man Tag Team Match on SmackDown

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    WWE has been at the top of their game lately when it comes to multi-man matches and this one was no different. It probably helped, though, that the six involved in this match are six of the best WWE has.

    All six superstars performed great here as they delivered a good, enjoyable match for the fans. I can't say too much about the Chris Jericho/Dolph Ziggler and Miz/Christian feuds since I already went into them in a previous slide and don't want to repeat myself. The Daniel Bryan/Kane feud, though, is another story.

    The feud they had a few months ago, which also included CM Punk, was quite good. The highlight of it was definitely the matches they were putting on.

    Bryan is a great wrestler while Kane has never been better. Bringing back his mask may have fallen flat in terms of character, but it seems to have rejuvenated his career and lit a fire under him. It's been a while since I've seen have matches as good as he has been having.

    Bringing them back together is a great idea, even if the reasoning is a bit dumb. Bryan seems to be feuding with Charlie Sheen, and since Sheen can't wrestle, he'll be in the corner of Kane. At least that's the way things look to be going.

    With Kane telling Bryan on Raw "I'm your anger management therapist," and Sheen's show being called Anger Management, I think it's safe to put two and two together and assume Sheen will be in the Big Red Monster’s corner at SummerSlam.

    It's an odd storyline, but I'm fine with it since I know they can deliver a good match with one another.

No. 5: Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Randy Orton made his return to WWE after a two month hiatus on Raw. He squashed Heath Slater in his return match, so I didn't really consider that much of return match.

    His match against Alberto Del Rio in the main event of SmackDown, though, I consider a return match. Orton and Del Rio delivered a good match here with some nice back-and-forth action throughout.

    While the match did end in disqualification when Ricardo Rodriguez jumped Orton, I think it added to it. Orton did win the match, while Del Rio didn't look weak as the No. 1 contender for Sheamus' World Heavyweight Championship.

    Del Rio did get an RKO from Orton before the show ended, but it was the Celtic Warrior that fed him to the Viper, so that was more a part of their storyline than the match itself.

    Orton looked good in his return match and his presence adds some more depth to the main event scene on both brands since he's a main event star that appears on both shows. Having Dolph Ziggler in the main event creates quite the potential situation as well.

    If he's able to successfully cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and keep the title after the rematch, a feud between him and Orton could be huge.

    As for Del Rio, he delivered once again. His new aggressive character is the best thing to happen to him. His intensity is great and it's making him interesting.

    This main event capped off an overall good week for WWE.

No. 4: Austin Aries and Kenny King vs. Bobby Roode and Zema Ion

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    Thursday's episode of Impact Wrestling opened with these four men brawling and it led to their scheduled match happening right then and there. The match was quite good as it featured a lot of great action. I especially liked how it broke the mold a bit during it.

    Usually fans see the "face in peril," but in this match, fans saw Zema Ion getting beaten up by the faces for part of the match. Zema seemed a bit lost at times, though, but I'll chalk that up to being in a main event type match for the first time in TNA. When he was on point, the X-Division champion delivered.

    Kenny King has been very impressive since his debut and I'm glad TNA is showing him that leaving Ring of Honor wasn't a bad idea. While I don't think Kenny would take the title away from Zema anytime soon, he does have a major future in the division and will no doubt be champion in the future.

    The interactions between world champion Austin Aries and Bobby Roode were great. During parts of the match, Aries would go to a neutral corner and challenge Roode to meet him there. The champion would also go after him on a few occasions only to see his Hardcore Justice challenger back away.

    I like the storyline that has developed between them. Roode is saying Aries' victory was a fluke at Destination X, but he is waiting until Hardcore Justice to prove it. The It Factor is playing mind games with the Greatest Man That Ever Lived and it's getting Aries angry. That could be exactly what he wants.

    As for their in-ring performances here, both wrestlers continue to deliver solid performances whether they're in singles competition or a tag team match.

    Impact Wrestling opened strong and it set the tone for the remainder of the night.

No. 3: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus: Street Fight

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    Of the six matches featured on Raw's first non-special three hour episode, I felt that this was the match of the night.

    Daniel Bryan and Sheamus put on a great back-and-forth and violent match that featured a lot of good action. This was by no means as violent as the Bryan/Punk match at Money in the Bank, but as a friend said to me via text message, "Woah...Surprisingly quite violent for PG."

    Fans don't really get too much violence nowadays, so when it happens, it's surprising and quite awesome.

    Both superstars continue to impress in the ring and this match was a nice reminder of their entertaining feud leading into WrestleMania XXVIII and ending at the Extreme Rules PPV.

    Whenever Sheamus is done with Alberto Del Rio and Bryan is finished with Charlie Sheen or Kane or whatever's going on, I would love to see these guys enter into a feud once again.

    For me, it doesn't necessarily need to be over the title. Having the World Heavyweight Championship on the line would just be an added bonus. I think the match at WrestleMania is enough to spark a feud back up.

    As most fans know, Bryan lost the world title in 18 seconds in the opening match at the big event. That's quite embarrassing and could rank up there with the Big Show's many embarrassing moments.

    Bryan has never gotten the proper revenge for what happened as he was defeated in a two- out-of-three falls match in the rematch at Extreme Rules, so wanting that vengeance could fuel another feud between them.

    Will that ever happen? It's certainly possible, but I doubt it. For now, I'll just watch Sheamus dominate as world champion and Bryan feud with Charlie Sheen for some reason.

No. 2: Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

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    This match in the Bound for Glory Series was a very good one. Both Kurt Angle and James Storm delivered in Impact Wrestling's main event, and it also gave Storm seven points.

    With those seven points, the Cowboy takes the No. 1 spot away from Samoa Joe and takes a five-point lead in the series.

    The feud between these two wrestlers was a great one late last year and early this year. They gave the fans a couple of great matches and it all started with Storm taking the TNA World Heavyweight Championship away from the Olympic gold medalist.

    Seeing Storm keep up and wrestle with someone like a Kurt Angle says a lot about him. Angle may be getting "old," but he's still one of the best in the business today. Whether he's wrestling someone with a similar styles or someone completely different like the brawling style of Bully Ray, Angle will deliver the match of the night 99 percent of the time.

    Could you imagine a Kurt Angle vs. CM Punk match, or a match against Daniel Bryan? Both of them look like Match of the Year candidates on paper! Sadly neither will ever happen unless one of them defect, which I don't see happening anytime soon.

    Anyway, for Storm to be able to deliver alongside someone like Angle shows that he has developed into a great singles wrestler in his own right as well.

    This past Thursday's episode of Impact Wrestling featured five matches and this one was the best match of the night.

    For me, it was close between this match and the opening tag team match of Austin Aries and Kenny King vs. Bobby Roode and Zema Ion, but the overall wrestling of the main event is what put it on top!

No. 1: Raw's Opening Segment

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    I thought that the opening segment to this past Monday's Raw was the best opening segment to a regular episode in a while.

    Starting with CM Punk sitting on top of the announce table and ending with the new general manager's first decision, everything about this segment was solid.

    Punk was solid on the mic and delivered a great promo. Whether he was calling out Jerry Lawler about his comments at the end of last week's show or declaring that he silenced the Rock, which was something John Cena was never able to do, Punk kept me at the edge of my seat with every word.

    Whether he's a face, a heel or something in between, Punk always delivers on the mic and is one of the best in the WWE at doing so.

    There's one thing I completely agreed with Punk on, and that was that the focus should be on the WWE champion. Since December, the focus has been on Cena and his feuds, whether it was against Kane, the Rock or even John Laurinaitis.

    While the focus may only be on the title now because Cena is in the title picture, the spotlight is on it and it should stay that way no matter who the champion is.

    When the Big Show came out I let out a bit of a sigh. Big Show's promos are always up and down. Sometimes they can be good and other times they bore me beyond belief. His promo here was very good, though.

    Stating that Punk was still champion because of him, Big Show kept me interested with everything he was saying. Then Cena's music hit and I was expecting the typical Cena promo, but I was pleasantly surprised when he just took the fight directly to the World's Largest Athlete.

    I would have liked to see them brawl for more than 15 seconds, but it still helped set up the main event.

    AJ Lee then made her way out to make a No. 1 contender's match between Cena and Big Show. I was glad to see AJ make an impartial decision and not act all crazy. That gives me hope that her time as general manager is going to be a good one.

    I have no doubts that her being "unstable" will come out at some point, which will cost her the position, but I think I'm going to enjoy her as an authority figure while it lasts.

    I feel that WWE did everything right this opening segment. Punk explained his actions, the Big Show brought up some good points, John Cena remained in the title picture and AJ made her first decision.

    I hope that WWE can keep up the good work and create good opening segments for most of the year.

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