Pro Wrestling's Top 10 Submission Holds

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Pro Wrestling's Top 10 Submission Holds
(Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

The moment my grandfather introduced me to professional wrestling is one that I will never forget.

May, 27 1989 Saturday Night's Main Event—Hulk Hogan vs. The Big Bossman for the WWF Title in a Steel Cage Match—I was instantly hooked.

Growing up in the Hulk-a-mania era, pro wrestling was all about the glitz, glamor, and sheer size. As I grew a bit older I realized that technical ability in the ring was much more fun to watch than any Hulk Hogan match could ever be.

I began to develop an affinity for submission holds.

The idea of not just hitting your opponent so hard that they couldn't kick out from a three-count, but putting their body in a position of such pain that they would have to utter those dreaded words... "I Quit".

These are the 10 Submission Holds that have made my stomach turn, please feel free to comment, or share holds that I may have omitted.

And don't worry, the Khali Vice is not on the list... Enjoy!

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