WWE SummerSlam 2012: Santino Marella Will Drop US Title, Restore Midcard Image

Scott CarasikContributor IIAugust 3, 2012

Santino Marella is a complete joke as the United States champion. It's about time for him to drop the title and for the midcard image to be restored in the WWE to what it once was: a launching point for future main-event competitors.

Marella has been joking around with his Cobra finisher for too long as a champion. The worst thing is that he doesn't even defend his title. There are quite a few good candidates who should take it from him in an effort to restore and rebuild the midcard.


Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro is probably the weakest competitor that the WWE can throw at Santino. So it means that he will probably be the one who does go after Santino and get the push. This looks like the feud that will be going down at SummerSlam this year.

However, as long as Santino loses the title, this could be a good way to get someone over and still have a legitimate championship-caliber guy holding the belt. That, and Cesaro has the whole girlfriend angle going on with the very good-looking Aksana. It just gives fans another thing to hate him for.


Damien Sandow

The reboot of the genius gimmick is working tremendously well with the monolithic brainiac. Sandow has the ability to draw tremendous heat from the crowd as a heel and would be a more-established superstar to take the title from Santino.

Sandow could be an epic heel title-holder in the mold of a Chris Jericho or Eddie Guerrero. He is able to get over, he has the physique and he has an awesome, unique finisher in the cross-arm neckbreaker that just looks ridiculously powerful.


Tyson Kidd

He trained in the legendary Hart dungeon with the Hitman. He is arguably one of the best technical wrestlers that sees TV time today. He also is a fun-to-watch high-flyer and someone the fans could get behind. However, he's a face and likely shouldn't take on Santino. 

He is someone who deserves a push. He can get a pop while rarely even cutting a true promo. Imagine what the experience of working with Sandow could do for a guy like Kidd. They could end up with a ridiculous feud with Kidd as the U.S. champ.



In the end, the best way to push the entire division forward is to give the title to Cesaro or Sandow. Then have Kidd compete with them in a long-running feud that culminates around Survivor Series in a crazy triple-threat ladder match between the three.


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