Maryland Stadium Authority Should Come Clean

Roy CrimContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

The Maryland Stadium Authority was created by the Maryland State Legislature.

"The Authority is a public corporation of Maryland which is authorized to issue tax-exempt bonds for financing its operations. The proceeds from the sale of those bonds and any other revenues collected are deposited in the Maryland Stadium Authority Financing Fund." (Source

Ever since 1992, the Authority has maintained an elaborate well-stocked sky-box at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. These are perks enjoyed at the expense of the residents of Maryland.

The State crafted a charter and changed lottery payouts to steer them to the Authority. The Maryland State Lottery does quite a bit of advertising with the Orioles and lease their own piece of the rock at the Inner Harbor facility.

The cost to fully experience the total package complete with white-shirt clad waitered service for a dozen or so guests 82 dates a year has to be a hefty sum. Those who have sat in just the bleachers can attest to what a night can cost you for a draught beer and a hot dog. 

One can only imagine how many catered Crab-cakes and glasses of Chardonnay have been served and paid for with a built-in 15 percent tip in these two suites?

If the State of Maryland is truly interested in being responsible to the constituency it must put an end to the free lunch these people enjoy. State Employees, the politically appointed, and associates should pay personally for whatever indulgence they desire.

These expenses should be public record and scrutinized...Legislature-appointed positions and extravagant perks had better not be analogous in an age where a CEO is a bad word.