WWE Champ / Aurora, CO's Bobby Lashley Talks City Morale After Tragic Shootings

T BDContributor IAugust 3, 2012

Former ECW champion and WWE superstar Bobby Lashley is resident of nearby Aurora, Colorado and owns a Mixed Martial Arts gym there—Aurora, once a quiet, American city, has suffered unrest after the now infamous Aurora shootings.

For Lashley, this tragedy hit home—his gym is a mere five minutes away from the theater where the incident took place.

In the video above, Lashley discusses the mood of the citizens of the city, which he describes to be recovering, but at a slow pace.

There are several charitable fundraising efforts being organized, and Lashley will spearhead many of them, including a fundraiser at his gym in two weeks time to help the victims of this crime.

Lashley is both proud and feels a sense of duty to use his name value and level of celebrity as a former WWE superstar and Mixed Martial Arts athlete to further continue good deeds in the city.

Slowly, but surely, the city begins to carry on with their daily lives after such a horrific attack, despite the fact that the memory will always remain.