WWE: Fans Should Demand an Apology for R-Truth's Gimmick

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IAugust 4, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

On the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan ruthlessly punted R-Truth's imaginary friend, Lil' Jimmy, outside of the ring. In response, R-Truth rushed to Lil' Jimmy's aid. 

Many fans were worried about Lil' Jimmy, but those worries were put to rest when R-Truth tweeted the following:

@RonKillings  is doing ok,,still minor issues,,he told me to tell you thanks for asking!

@RonKillings says thank you to everyone on twitter who sent their concerns and get wells...

Lil' Jimmy's well-being was confirmed when he appeared on SmackDown last night. What a relief!


Let's be real. R-Truth needs to lose the mentally-ill gimmick... immediately. Truth deserves something much bettersomething similar to what he had last summer when he feuded with John Morrison and John Cena. 

Before CM Punk delivered his June 27, 2011 pipe bomb, one of the few reasons to tune into Monday Night Raw was R-Truth. He was very funny, highly charismatic and full of (probably) very real frustration. R-Truth had everything it took to be a top star. Like I wrote in a previous article, the 2011 "Summer of Punk" could have easily been the summer of R-Truth.

For evidence, just watch this promo R-Truth gave the week after he attacked his former tag partner, John Morrison. CM Punk's promo may have been shocking, but R-Truth's promo was virtuosic. If CM Punk's promo is Dennis Rodman, R-Truth's promo is Michael Jordan. 

For those who are unable to watch the promo, R-Truth basically told the fans that rapping and dancing had done nothing for his career and that he was done entertaining them. Whenever the fans booed him, he told them to "shut up." When the fans would chant "What" after every sentence he spoke, R-Truth would tell them what they could do with their "What" chants. Countless catchphrases (as well as Lil' Jimmy) were born out of the promo, and the promo was fan interaction at its best.

What happened? Whose idea was it to turn such a great heel into the embarrassingly pathetic mentally-ill baby face that we see today? Did R-Truth rub someone the wrong way? Regardless of whose idea it was to give R-Truth the gimmick that he has today, the gimmick needs to go. R-Truth is way too good for it.


Dear WWE,

Turn Lil' Jimmy back into a symbol (of child fans), and turn R-Truth back into the top superstar that he proved (last summer) he is capable of being. 

Please and thank you,



What do you think? Do you like R-Truth's current gimmick, or would you like to see him go back to being the great heel that he was last summer?

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