WWE: Should the Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio Feud End?

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIAugust 3, 2012

One more time...sigh! Image by Word Press.com
One more time...sigh! Image by Word Press.com

It is a funny place, this WWE.

First, there is now a three-hour show every week packed with action and 10 replays of the previous week.

And then there's that little matter of company officials deciding to place Alberto Del Rio in a championship match still after so many failures to deliver.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is a great Superstar. He has the skill and the look to become really something in due time, plus there are so many others just waiting to feud with him. Names like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton and later, Wade Barrett.

Why is Del Rio still winning No. 1 Contender matches?!

This disastrous feud must end already; he is just not a big draw anymore. His time was filled with potential in 2011, but it all faded away.

Hopefully at SummerSlam, it will come to a close.

For what it's worth, I believed in Del Rio a whole lot once but now, hearing those damned cars pull up and seeing his grin drives me up the wall. What's up with his yellow-or-gold tights anyway? They look bad.

The guy isn't a bad performer. I just don't understand where all that magic went to. It just...disappeared after his match with Edge at WrestleMania 27.

With Randy Orton back and ready to be at the top again, it won't be long until the spotlight turns away from the "Mexican Aristocrat." Sad but true.

Dolph Ziggler is holding the MITB briefcase, Chris Jericho is a babyface and will help put him over. Cody Rhodes is always amazing so honestly, there is not much room left for anyone else, is there?

It is nice to think perhaps WWE acknowledges all this and are willing to give Alberto another chance before it stops. After all, he keeps beating US Champion Santino in non-title matches.

Could that be where this is going? A new United States Champion soon and afterwards, a feud with Intercontinental Champion The Miz, winner takes all?

That would be much more interesting. Sheamus will soon be free to explore new horizons and the two mid-card champions can tear each other apart (with Miz winning, of course!).

Back to reality here, this current WHC program is not clicking with the fans and B/R readers as well, judging from the feedback and comments I read every day.

WWE tried all it could with Alberto Del Rio; kudos for that. The Superstar has some nice accolades on his resume; that's great.

So now, be smart here, people, and move on to other adventures. There are plenty of doors waiting to be opened and some cans of "whoop-ass," too.