Power Ranking Every FBS Stadium

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Power Ranking Every FBS Stadium
Via CNN.com

The top stadiums in the world of college football.

Putting them in order is quite a task. After all, how does one judge one against the other? Most fans think their stadium is the best and that is that.

As for my full disclosure, I have been to most Big Ten and Big East stadiums, as well as some Big 12 and ACC venues. In effect, I acknowledge my ignorance as it concerns most non-AQ conference stadiums, as well as the SEC and Pac-12.

Nevertheless, my criteria in ranking the stadiums was as follows:

  1. Firsthand knowledge, when applicable
  2. Last year's percentage of capacity filled
  3. How the stadiums have filled their capacity over the years
  4. Information I gleaned from various, more knowledgeable people than me
  5. What I could find around the Internet

As for the Internet, I found most of my information on the following outstanding sources: StadiumJourney.com, CollegeGridirons.com, 2011 NCAA attendance, NCAA football attendance in the BCS era, various articles around the 'net, and a number of fellow FCs that were good enough to lend me their valuable assistance.

Also, any team that rents out its home stadium, typically from an NFL team, automatically went to the back of the list. As John Milton said, "It is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven." In other words, it's better to play in one's own dive than try to treat an state-of-the-art NFL stadium as one's own.

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