Ryan Lochte Still Pees in Pools, You Guys

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Ryan Lochte Still Pees in Pools, You Guys
Clive Rose/Getty Images

The general rule of not urinating in the pool is apparently relegated to backyards, because US Olympians can go wherever they see fit. 

Sports Illustrated reported the best story from the Olympics you didn't know that you really needed to know. 

...AP sports writer Rob Harris reports that American swimmer Ryan Lochte...has been using the Olympic pools for more than just swimming.

Don’t worry – you weren’t watching him urinate on television. But as he told Ryan Seacrest …

“I sure did in warm-up.”

“I think there’s just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go.”

Hooray for TMI!

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Now I know many of you will scoff at this report and insist that this garbage is just not worth your time and will never prove useful. 

But, the next time someone brings up Ryan Lochte in a conversation, you can beguile them with information as to his urination practices. This may not win you any cool points, and it may just label you as a freak, but at least you have something more to offer the party than just that sweet cheese dip. 

I now direct this question to the swimmers in the room: Is this a regular part of the sport, and something to be expected?

Are swimmers who spit water just washing their mouths with a gross frappe of calculated bathroom accidents?

I know that many can't get out of the pool and just run to the bathroom ahead of a race, but the same goes for most sports. 

Unless you are Manny Ramirez, you don't stop baseball games for a quick break.

These are things I need to know. 

Combined with his ability to give a great interview, this news makes Ryan Lochte my favorite human being in the world right now. 

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