Worst Tennis Outfits

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It's not all sunshine and dandelions on the tennis court. In fact, things can get pretty ugly when you consider some of the outfits that have been worn out there.

Join us on a pleasant jaunt through the annals of tennis history as we delve into the most egregious sartorial errors made by star players.

Please note, we could have easily spent hours pouring over bad ideas worn by Serena and Venus Williams but have opted to include some other fashion victims instead.

At some point, you almost have to think there is some correlation between people who are good at tennis and the ability to pick out anything off the rack and think it looks good in the mirror.

Of course, this is just the start of a grand debate into the most awful wardrobe that should have malfunctioned long before being worn.

Leave your bright ideas for truly hideous outfits in the comments section below. 

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