5 Reasons to Draft Lance Moore in Your Fantasy Football League

Zach Kruse@@zachkruse2Senior Analyst IAugust 3, 2012

5 Reasons to Draft Lance Moore in Your Fantasy Football League

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    Drew Brees, Darren Sproles Marques Colston and Jimmy Graham get all the fantasy attention from the New Orleans Saints offense, and rightfully so.

    But the lone man everyone forgets is Lance Moore, and there's no reason for that. 

    When healthy—the operative word here—Moore has been a fantasy stud. In three of his last four seasons, the 5'9" Moore has caught at least eight touchdown passes.

    Would you draft that kind of production if given the chance?

    In the following slides, we'll give the reasons you need to pull the trigger on Moore in your fantasy draft.

Led Saints WR in TD Past Two Years

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    Surprisingly enough, Moore has been the Saints' most productive touchdown-scorer among receivers the last two seasons. 

    In each year, Moore caught eight scores. Marques Colston also had eight in 2011, but Moore led the team outright in 2010. He did the same in 2008, when he caught 10 scores from Drew Brees. 

    Whatever you think about the 5'9", 190-pounder, his ability to score touchdowns within the Saints offense is unquestioned. In fantasy football, touchdowns are game-changers. 

No More Robert Meachem

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    The Saints offense has always been about spreading the football around to several different receivers. The same will apply in 2012. 

    But there's one less talented mouth to feed next season after receiver Robert Meachem bolted for San Diego in free agency. 

    Will Moore be a direct beneficiary of that loss? Probably not. Brees will still spread it around. But each of the Saints' receivers could stand to see a few more targets in 2012 with Meachem out of the picture. 

Jimmy Graham's Presence

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    There's two ways you can look at Jimmy Graham in terms of Moore's fantasy potential. 

    On one hand, he's the Saints' most talented receiving option, and Brees will look to him more than anyone in the red zone. That reality does affect Moore negatively. 

    But you also have to figure in the attention that Graham demands on every play and the effect that can have for a slot receiver like Moore. With so much emphasis likely to be put on stopping Graham in the middle of the field, acres of space could open up for an underneath receiver like Moore. 

Drew Brees

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    Yes, the Saints lost head coach Sean Payton, their offensive mastermind, for the entire 2012 season. 

    But let's not forget that the trigger man to the Saints offense is still firmly in place in New Orleans. 

    Brees returns as a happy—and very rich—man in 2012. With Brees on the field, anything is possible for the Saints' receivers. 

    Moore and Brees have always had a chemistry between the two, and 2012 will mark the seventh year the two have spent in New Orleans together. Each came to the Saints in 2006. That counts for something, even in fantasy terms. 

Perfect Low Risk, High Upside Backup

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    A month before the 2012 season starts, Moore remains relatively quiet on the fantasy front. According to ESPN, Moore's average draft position (ADP) is just 106.4. He's ranked at No. 37 among receivers. 

    While no one is going to call Moore a fantasy starting receiver, he does offer a lot of upside (volume targets, yards and touchdowns) at a low risk later in the draft. As a No. 3, 4 or even 5 receiver, Moore makes a ton of sense. 

    During weeks in which the Saints have a clear passing advantage (usually at home), Moore can be a spot starter. With a pick in the 100s, that kind of upside is worth it.