WWE SummerSlam 2012: Why Triple H and Brock Lesnar Are Important for the Future

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 3, 2012


If we know anything about the continuing saga between Triple H, the COO of the WWE, and Brock Lesnar, the malcontent who wants to run through the company, it is probably not the last time we will hear from either party before SummerSlam kicks off on August 19.

While we await the match that should be as monumental as we hope it will be, the WWE Universe is also holding its breath to see what happens during, and more importantly, after the match.

Can this deliver in a Rock/Cena kind of way? Can it trump something like Undertaker/HHH at WrestleMania? What happens with the outside minutiae like Paul Heyman, Stephanie McMahon and possibly the return of Vince McMahon to the PPV scene?

All we know is there will be fireworks, and HHH must carry the ball to deliver one hell of a match, because with Lesnar’s style and the fact this may become an MMA-style match, the idea of wrestling goes right out the window.

This will be a street fight like no other.

But the implications of a match like this have a direct bearing on the future of the WWE, which has turned the corner of sorts since celebrating Raw’s 1,000th episode. More exciting matches, deeper character probing and, of course, the change in direction by one CM Punk.

But this match itself could change the WWE in another direction.

Are we looking toward another “Attitude Era,” where we will see more MMA-style fighting? Could it lead to changes where we could see other MMA fighters make the transition to the WWE?

What happens with HHH and the McMahons afterward if the COO in fact loses the match? How much control of the Raw program does Lesnar have and what role does Heyman play in all this?

Or, and I have thought about this, does it mean Lesnar wins, takes his ball and runs home to be with Sable (not a bad idea, if I say so myself)?

I loved the fact that Stephanie McMahon got involved in the Raw celebration and beat the hell out of Heyman before Lesnar hit the ring. But does Stephanie play a role in the PPV? Will we see her in the ring or around the ring? Does this mean the McMahons will now be fixtures on television again? Does this spark the return of Mr. McMahon to television?

While Punk/Cena/Big Show and Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio will headline this PPV, there is no mistaking how important this match is to the future of wrestling. Branding in the WWE is obsolete, and now the foundation is set for growth. But who will lead. Lesnar should be the top heel in both factions, but story angles will pay a key role in that happening.

Triple H will not wrestle full time, so other opponents will need to come forward and challenge him (Sheamus, Ryback, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton). If not, the match of this magnitude means nothing.

And right now, the WWE cannot afford for something so great to mean so little.