Women's Gymnastics 2012: Breaking Down the Future of America's Fab Five

Scott Carasik@ScottCarasikContributor IIAugust 4, 2012

Women's Gymnastics 2012: Breaking Down the Future of America's Fab Five

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    The Olympic Games are a great way for athletes to build up name recognition for both them and their career. While the Fab Five was amazing at gymnastics, there are quite a few things that could come up in their future that present opportunities that are just as good.

    Shawn Johnson has been extremely famous since the 2008 Beijing Games ended and has even won a Dancing with the Stars tournament. All five of these women are very marketable in their own ways. Expect them all to have people breaking down their doors to have them endorse their products.

Kyla Ross

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    The least talented of the team is still a dynamo in her own right. She also has a cute innocence that most other girls age 16 just don't have. She is one that could definitely stay in the sport and compete for medals of her own in the 2016 Rio Games.

    It's probably the best option since she is the least accomplished individually of any on this list and winning a gold in the future is a real possibility.

Jordyn Wieber

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    Wieber had a very disappointing London Games and could be coming back in four more years to the Rio Games to compete. In the meantime, she is still an amazing athlete and doing something like Dancing with the Stars or even endorsing some products is not out of the realm of possibilities for her.

    Wieber is entirely marketable and will be able to turn her defeat into inspiration for a possible victory in Rio.

Aly Raisman

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    Aly Raisman is the oldest on the team at 18 years old. She's also the captain and leader of the gold-medal winners. She will likely be put into a leadership role for the 2016 team either as a gymnast again or as a coaching type.

    Raisman has been amazing with her classiness and grace in London and could also be picked up for her personality as an announcer after London.

Gabby Douglas

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    Gabby Douglas is about to be a millionaire. By winning the all around, she is going to have a ton of endorsements. It doesn't hurt that she is the first African-American gymnast to win or that her back story is one that everyone can get behind.

    And, it's hard to not mention her smile or how she can relate well to everyone.

McKayla Maroney

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    McKayla Maroney might have the best looks out of any gymnast the Americans put out there this year. Her future is bright as a gymnast as she is the best vaulter in the world.

    However, the thing that could end up making her an endorsement queen is the personality that she shows in every picture. She looks like she is always having fun, and that's what the Olympics are about: representing your country and having fun while doing it.


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