Chicago Bears: Why Jay Cutler and Company Will Make Mike Tice's Offense Shine

Gabe SalgadoCorrespondent IIIAugust 3, 2012

Jay Cutler is entering his fourth season as the Bears starting quarterback.
Jay Cutler is entering his fourth season as the Bears starting quarterback.

This year, I think the Chicago Bears' front office got it right for a change. Mike Tice may not have a fancy West Coast offense, and he certainly doesn't have Mike Martz's college-style system, but he has all the talent in the world to make his simple offense dominate. 

For starters, the Bears have depth at all of the skill positions. Jay Cutler is back healthy after last season's injury, but just in case the unthinkable happens again, Jason Campbell will be waiting in the wings to take the reins. 

The Bears are also loaded at the running-back position. Matt Forte got his contract and has been in training camp since Day One. Michael Bush worked his rear off during the offseason and will be the No. 2 guy behind Forte. And of course we can't forget that the Bears will also have either Kahlil Bell or Armando Allen, if not both.

The Bears finally have a big-play, deep-threat wide receiver in Brandon Marshall, but of course Marshall can't do it by himself, which is why Chicago also has guys like Devin Hester, Earl Bennett, Dane Sanzenbacher and rookie Alshon Jeffery to lend a hand.

Plus, Mike Tice's offense would not be complete without a couple of good tight ends (Tice being a former tight end himself). Kellen Davis will most likely be the starter at that position, but I also expect rookie Evan Rodriguez to make his presence felt. 

The history of the Bears franchise has always revolved around offensive schemes led by great running backs. This will be especially helpful because there are still doubts about whether or not this offensive line will hold up during the long grind of an NFL season. Less pressure on the O-line might mean a healthier Jay Cutler.

So here is my final breakdown of the 2012 Chicago Bears offense:

Jay Cutler will prove that last season's injury was just a minor setback in a major operation.

Now that Matt Forte has his financial commitment from the organization, I believe that he will have the best season of his career. Money does talk after all.

Brandon Marshall will light up opposing defenses and change the way teams game-plan for this Bears squad. And when Marshall draws double and even triple coverage, it will make the other receivers on the team even more dangerous. Mike Tice will use the tight ends to their complete abilities, and they will reach their full potential in 2012.

The offensive line, in my opinion, will be the heart and soul of the Bears' offensive scheme. With Matt Forte and Michael Bush carrying the load, I guarantee that we will see some vicious blocking from the big guys up front. And with deep, drawn-out pass routes being replaced with quicker and more precise routes, the O-line will have a much easier time handling the pass rush.

The Bears' front office got it right this year, and I think that for once, Chicago fans can breathe a little easier this time out.

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