Toronto Raptors: Predicting Stats for Every Player on the Team

Patrick Yaghoobians@PyaghoobiansAnalyst IIAugust 6, 2012

Toronto Raptors: Predicting Stats for Every Player on the Team

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    This season, the Toronto Raptors will look to make a statement. They have amped up the roster with some big acquisitions and a push for the playoffs is in sight.

    This article will predict what the main stats for every player who is under contract with the Toronto Raptors.

    The players are not in any particular order, but the first five are players that I believe will start for the team come the 2012-2013 season.


Kyle Lowry

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    PPG: 15.8

    APG: 7.1

    RPG: 5.3

    SPG: 1.3

    Lowry was playing very well for the Houston Rockets in the first part of the season. He will have a better supporting cast come this season with players such as Andrea Bargnani, Demar DeRozan, etc.

Demar DeRozan

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    PPG: 19.3

    APG: 2.2

    RPG: 4.1

    FG%: 47

    DeRozan has improved a lot compared to his rookie season, and although this past season was kind of a disappointment because of his very good sophomore season, he did improve on his jump shot.

    DeRozan has a good work ethic and it should translate to a better fourth season. He has a high vertical jump too, so rebounding numbers should be at least four for someone with his leaping ability.

Andrea Bargnani

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    PPG: 23.3

    RPG: 6.7

    BPG: 1.1

    FG%: 48

    A healthy Bargnani is a dangerous Bargnani. Two seasons ago, Bargnani showcased how good he was at scoring.

    Bargnani has never been known as a good rebounder, but coach Dwane Casey has said he wants Bargnani to still contribute to boards, and Bargnani was much more aggressive last season compared to previous seasons.

Landry Fields

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    PPG: 9.3

    RPG: 5.1

    APG: 2.3

    SPG: 1.3

    Fields had a better rookie year compared to his second season in the Big Apple. That may be largely in part to the fact that the ball was given to Carmelo Anthony more, and Iman Shumpert took the starting job.

    His defense was still the same, and that is Fields' forte. If he can get back to his rookie form, then Raptors' fans should be happy.

Jonas Valanciunas

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    PPG: 8.4

    RPG: 8.6

    BPG: 2.1

    FG%: 58

    The man that every Raptors fan has been waiting for. The fans should not look at his Olympic statistics that seriously, considering the fact that he is not getting that much playing time. 

    Valanciunas has been rebounding at a good pace and has been shooting efficiently, but that is mainly due to the fact that he has barely taken any shots.

    A Rookie of-the Year contender, Valanciunas will have a good rookie season as he adapts to the NBA game.

Terrence Ross

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    PPG: 12.1

    RPG: 4.4

    SPG: 1.2

    3P%: 39

    Terrence Ross will most probably start the season coming off the bench, but he could end the season with a starting job, and the stats are based off exactly that happening.

    He will be given open looks from beyond the arc and he can hit it. Not only that, but he is very athletic, and we might be seeing some highlight-reel plays from Ross.

    He is also a good defender, but he needs to get bigger. If he does so, he can cause trouble for other guards/forwards.

    Ross has potential to be a great shooter in this league.

Ed Davis

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    PPG: 7.7

    RPG: 8.4

    BPG: 1.7

    Ed Davis has shown he can play basketball. He is ultimately going to be a bench player to start the season.

    Last season, Davis' stats went down compared to his rookie year, but he still had some memorable games. Davis will most probably get some more playing time this season due to his development and Summer League play.

    Davis has improved his jump shot, which gives him and the team more options on offense.

    Unless Bargnani gets injured again or traded, Davis will be getting probably close to 17 minutes per game.

Linas Kleiza

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    PPG: 9.8

    RPG: 4.2

    APG: 1.9

    Linas Kleiza has been playing amazingly for the Lithuanian national team so far in the Olympics, and he has been their leading scorer for all but one game so far.

    Unfortunately, that success has not been the same when he is wearing a Toronto Raptors uniform. He does not get as many touches on the Raptors, and there is a reason. 

    Kleiza is a very good player off the bench and it is obvious that he will be a key role player for the Raptors this season. 

Jose Calderon

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    PPG: 4.4

    APG: 6.3

    SPG: 1.3

    Calderon will be coming off the bench this year with the addition of Kyle Lowry, and he might not even be on the Raptors' roster when the season starts.

    Calderon's name has been swirling in trade rumors, but should they keep him. Calderon will be the second point guard on the depth chart.

    He can score but decides not to be very aggressive, and his passing will be a huge plus off the bench, along with his leadership.

Amir Johnson

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    PPG: 3.3

    RPG: 5.1

    BPG: 0.8

    Johnson will probably lose his starting job to Jonas Valanciunas, so along with his minutes, his stat production drops as well.

    Amir is an athletic big man whose offense will probably come from alley-oops and putbacks.

    His defense is what is he contributing to the team off the bench.

Quincy Acy

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    PPG: 2.7

    RPG: 3.8

    BPG: 0.7

    Acy is going to bring you energy off the bench. His beard and bald head reminds many Raptors fans of a guy named Reggie Evans, one of the best energy type of players in the NBA.

    Acy has been working on his offense, and his jump shot has improved since college as showcased in Summer League.

John Lucas III

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    PPG: 2.6

    APG: 1.9

    SPG: 0.6

    Unless Jose Calderon gets traded, John Lucas will not be getting that much playing time. Lucas is the third-string point guard and might not see the floor that much.

    Fortunately, Lucas can change the pace of a game quickly, as many fans saw in his stint with the Chicago Bulls.

Alan Anderson

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    PPG: 3.2

    RPG: 1.4

    APG: 0.9

    Anderson was a scorer in his tenure as a Raptor last season. That will be his primary role this upcoming season.

    He is still young, so fans might see a more developed game from Anderson.


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    The Raptors are in an interesting position this upcoming season. They might make the playoffs; they might not.

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