Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Has No Plans of Holding a Press Conference at This Time

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Has No Plans of Holding a Press Conference at This Time
David Becker/Getty Images

In just a little over nine hours, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will leave his tiny cell at the Clark County Detention Center, as his sentence will come to a conclusion.

Millions of boxing fans are eagerly awaiting this moment in hopes to hear Mayweather Jr. speak and possibly announce his next move in boxing. It is truly interesting what Floyd will have to say about his time in jail and what he has learned from his experience while serving time.

According to an email that I have just received from Floyd’s public relations agent, at this moment in time, there are no plans of announcing anything or holding a press conference.

Of course, plans might change, and cameras will definitely be there for Floyd’s release, but nothing official as of yet. It is entirely possible that 50 Cent will take that responsibility away from Floyd for now and will make some minor announcements about what his best friend plans on getting done next.

Mayweather Jr. will certainly have to discuss his future and TMT promotions as soon as possible, as his time away from boxing could have caused some doubt about his next step. After all, jail is not the best environment for training and keeping a strict athletic diet.

On the other hand, Mayweather Jr. will now be looking for the limelight, and impressing the public in his next fight will likely be his high priority.

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