Stars of 'The Babymakers' Pick Their Top 5 Hottest Sports Baby Mamas: BR5

BR5Daily ShowAugust 2, 2012

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BR5’s Weston Green sat down with Broken Lizard’s Kevin Heffernan and Jay Chandrasekhar to talk about their upcoming smash: The Babymakers. Starring the irresistible Olivia Munn and Paul Schneider, the film chronicles a married couple’s struggle to procreate. The roadblock: low sperm count. Hilarity ensues as the couple explores all sorts of solutions so they can: make a baby!

After chatting about the film, the guys talked to us about who they think are the top-five baby mamas in sports, in no particular order. Buckle up!

A no-brainer was Gisele Bundchen, international supermodel and Tom Brady’s significant other. Gisele is a showstopper in the looks department, but she rakes in the cash with the best of them too. Complete package right?

Another easy choice, who has also made headlines lately is Vanessa Bryant, the beautiful wife of NBA great Kobe Bryant. Vanessa is truly a beauty and with Kobe’s success, it’s easy to see that she’s living the sweet life. Unless the rumors are true about his shirtless antics, then there may be trouble in paradise.

Four-time Olympic Swimmer Amanda Beard also caught their attention. This beauty is more than just a pretty face; her athleticism is has had her in world-class competition since 1996. Even though she missed the Olympics this year in London, she’s still a winner in our book.     

Candace Parker is another beauty that should be considered on this sort of list. Along with being a great basketball player in WNBA and for Team USA in London, Candace is also a complete beauty. Ask ESPN all about it, as Candace was featured in their latest body issue.

Beach Volleyball star, Kerri Walsh-Jennings also made the cut. Kerri is after her third-straight Olympic gold medal. Even though reports are that she contracted pink eye, Walsh-Jennings claims she won’t let it slow her down as she competes for gold in London.

Pretty epic list, did we miss anyone? If you think so, comment below. Be sure to check out The Babymakers, which releases Friday.

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