Will The New Homegrown Players Rule Benefit English Football?

Ryan HobbyContributor IFebruary 23, 2009

The FA have proposed to apply the rule following English clubs' backing, stipulating that at least four players in a 16-man match day squad must have been registered domestically for at least three years before they turn 21.They can, however, be of any nationality.

The new rule means that players need to be bought at about the age of 17 play for the club for three years before they can be included as a "homegrown" player.

In my opinion this rule can only benefit English football as bringing more and more young English talent to top flight clubs means they will be highly recognised and therefore benefit the English national team.

This rule will also benefit other national teams as players from around Europe and South America will also be prime targets from teams in the top leagues.

The new rule is said to be introduced within the next five years, but talk of introducing this in the Champions League could be sooner?