Was Michael Vick Our Michael Jordan?

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Was Michael Vick Our Michael Jordan?

Was Michael Vick our Michael Jordan?

I'm sorry to say this, but I believe that he was. Vick was the closest thing to Jordan that the National Football League has ever known and will most likely ever get.

Now let me clarify what I mean by him being the NFL's Jordan.

He was the chosen one. Vick was the one player in the NFL that everybody loved, and he provided an endless amount of entertainment. He had the ability to turn any play—and I mean any play—into a touchdown. 

You have seen that big play ability in many other players, but what made him different was that he was a quarterback. This meant that in every play on offense, he had the ball in his hands—something that cannot be said about any other game-breaker.

True, there are the quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning that can make big plays, and then there are those quarterbacks who can make something out of nothing, like Ben Roethlisberger and John Elway.

However, what Vick did was different. He had the ability to do both of those while still having the threat of a running back who is just one broken tackle away from a long touchdown run. 

Michael Jordan was the face of the NBA during his time and is still arguably the face of the NBA. Vick, in his prime, was the one player that everyone in the country knew, regardless of their football knowledge.

His was the face that people could recognize. 

Everyone knows that Vick tarnished his reputation forever with dog fighting. This, however, does not mean that his career is over. He will return and he will win.

The only thing that he can't do is be the NFL's Jordan. At the very most, he can be the NFL's Kobe Bryant. This is not a bad thing; he can be the league's most prolific running quarterback in history. This compares to Bryant being the most prolific NBA scorer of all time. 

All I am saying is that we missed our chance to have a Jordan in the NFL and I do not know if we will ever get another chance. 

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