WWE Universe: The Land Without the Rule of Cause-and-Effect?

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2009

I started to ponder this idea after this past Smackdown and reading further recaps of Matt Hardy's "blogs".

The WWE seems to ignore how one thing goes down on one show, like last weeks Raw, and how it would effect this weeks Smackdown. John Cena is going to get his rematch against Edge either next week or soon, but the writers still had Jeff Hardy get in Edge's face to try and get a title shot, but he didn't.

The thing that gets me though was the fact that he even mentioned that, I mean he could have said that if he wins he gets next shot on the champ after Cena's rematch.

Another example is a little hard to break down: Vince McMahon's absence to the WWE universe after the money in the bank sign fell on him. The father of the WWE wasn't seen on TV for months, and only mentioned with "we want to keep his condition within the family for now" on Raw for the next three weeks, after that nothing picked up.

Vince was completely forgotten on all shows, which really makes no sense. I mean I know that Vickie Guerrero feels she's the next Chairman, but she could have at least said a speech of concern.

Although, after finishing Smackdown's interview with HHH, I did see that there is one occurrence where something happens as a result of something. HHH is going to feud with Randy Orton, fewf.

Aside from that one example though, it seems that nothing seems to echo throughout the WWE universe anymore.