Oops, Thats Not Supposed to Happen

Jeffrey CalvertContributor IFebruary 22, 2009

As you can tell by the photo above the wheels have come off this article..."The funniest moment in sports"...How do you take a subject that is so HUGE, and narrow it down to one incident.

  Well, Luckily for me, I believe I have just the moment they need.  Thanksgiving Day, 1993, Dallas vs Miami in a snow filled Cowboy stadium. Dallas has a 14-13 lead when the Dolphins attempt a 40 yard field goal that is blocked by Cowboy defender Jimmie Jones. Dick Enburg had already declared that the Cowboys will win....Well, "The Big Cat" Leon Lett had other ideas, his being that he could recover the ball and then he would be a hero with Jones. However, the rules had slipped his mind, probably after the bong hit in the locker room, he forgot that if the defending team touches the ball, the offensive team will have the ball AT THE SPOT HE TOUCHED IT AT..The Dolphins then got the ball much closer, and kicked the winning field goal.

  Talk about the wheels coming off at the end....