Formula One's New Track Designs Losing Their Way?

Ian WalshContributor IFebruary 22, 2009

Bernie says to track designer "Make me a track my good fellow"

Track designer says to Bernie "Let me get my Bull Dozer"

Where have all the Spas gone?

OK today's track are scenic, clean, and of course fast.

But they are also boring. They seem to fall second to the back drop. You know the location, the culture, which (excluding street courses) have nothing to do with the race.

Track designer, famed German architect Hermann Tilke, the man behind Turkey, Bahrain, Shanghai, and Abu Dhabi. Has forgotten the rolling hills, forest background, the true detection to the drive of the car, and the  experience of the driver.

The philological aspect of racing has been change from a dream country road with no limits. to a video game reality without a soul.

In conclusion my fear is that F1 has forgotten it's roots. In this bold racing world of new fuels, fibers, and electronics, some things are getting left behind.

What i'm saying is, I want PASSION back in my race tracks and race track designs.