Should College Players Have to Sign a Four Year Contract?

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Should College Players Have to Sign a Four Year Contract?

A question I think should be answered is should college athletes have to sign a four year contract?

I think that some players should have to. Most players in college football and college basketball leave early. Teams sometimes struggle after their star player or star players leave early. I think that some teams should make it so that their recruits sign a contract saying that they have to stay in school for four years.

A reason I think that they should is when players leave early they may not have reached their whole potential. I don't think that if you leave after your senior year that your draft grade would be lower because maybe you had a great sophomore or junior year, and maybe your senior year wasn't amazing.

I also think that it would help professional teams. They will know who was coming out and in what year. I think that it would make the whole draft process a lot easier.

College is the best years of your life. You get an education, and if you're an athlete you're also doing something that you love. If you don't have a very good professional career and you didn't stay in college you might not be able to get as good of a job that you could've gotten had you stayed in college all four years.

I think that if this would happen in the NCAA it would have to be for all schools.

Please comment if any arguments, or if you just agree.

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