UEFA, Platini, and Video Refs

Pig FarmerContributor IFebruary 22, 2009

Michel Platini has been in the press lately for all the right and all the wrong reasons. First he announced that he is looking at proposals to restrict the levels of debt that football clubs can operate with, and he then announced that he was looking at further proposals to restrict the age of the players in the transfer market.

After the near sanity of his opinions on the 39th game, indeed his suggestion that it could scupper Englands chances of hosting the 2018 World Cup, and the delightfully impish debt level idea, I was beginning to see Platini in a new light. Maybe, I thought, he might even look at the whole video ref idea or even maybe, just maybe he would consider the notion of 'No points for a nil -all draw'.

And then my hopes were dashed. My buddy Michel was no more. I'm not in favour of child labour, and the images it conjures; sooty faced ten year olds cleaning chimneys, working in factories etc, but restricting the movement of young talent around Europe is not the answer. These guys aren't being exploited, they are being given the chance of a lifetime. The chance to learn and train with the best personnel and facilities available.

So everything being equal, I'm not expecting any serious changes in football in the next few years. Platini will never implement any rules concerning clubs finances - Its contrary to EU law, and the big clubs will resist with all their might, maybe even by starting the super league.

The rules concerning child labour!! will never happen because we all have the right to free movement, and the other issues, vid refs and the points thing, well they aren't even on his horizon.