Orton RKO'ed Stephanie McMahon: How Will The King Of Kings Rule The Ring?

Heather LindstromContributor IFebruary 22, 2009

      Randy Orton, I have taken a liking to you for some reason. The WWE needs bad guys and you fit the bill to a "T". I actually agree with the crazy claims of having IED and such, I researched it.

IED is real folks, Google it. He may or may not really have this problem, I am just saying it does exist. I do know that there is a way of solving this "problem". Randy, you should NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - RKO Stephanie McMahon. Not just because she is the cockiest female in the WWE, or that she is Vince's Daughter. Most importantly of all because she is Triple H's WIFE and the mother of his children.

I am saying this only because I feel sorry for the repercussion's you have brought upon yourself this time Randy. We are not talking about Shane O'Mac, we are talking about the Big Mac, The Game... I hope you can continue to step into the ring after he gets ahold of you Orton.