Random Musings of an Arsenal Fan—22/02/2009

Pig FarmerContributor IFebruary 22, 2009

Well, this weekend didn't exactly go to plan. Man-u won, Chelsea won and all we could muster was a very dry nil all. It seems to be a recurring theme, one which we cannot afford to maintain. Its not so much about grabbing fourth place from Villa or Chelsea, it could be about losing fifth place to Everton.

I know we have got used to automatic qualification for the champions league, but it is not a right, its a prize that has to be earned. And let's face it, we are not earning it. we have dropped too many points against the "bread and butter" sides for our relatively good performance against the top clubs to make the difference.

Arshavin and Eduardo both made a start this week, and they showed all of us why they are gunners. they are both very talented players, and even though Eduardo picked up a small strain, we can see how useful he is going to be as the campaign comes to a head.

Physioroom.com has Diaby, Silvestre and Walcott fit for Tuesday, and Adebayor for the weekend. March promises the return of Rosicky and Eduardo.

We have got Roma at home and Fulham at home this month, and a fairly decent March Programme. If these players come back in march and get some games in, April and May are really going to test our team resolve.

I'm looking forward to the Roma match. Hopefully they wont defend for a draw, although keeping a clean sheet for ourselves is a must. Arshavin wont be playing and I'm expecting Rvp and Niklas to get at least one apiece.