Derek Jeter's Girlfriend: 10 Pictures of Possible New Squeeze Hannah Davis

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 1, 2012

Derek Jeter's Girlfriend: 10 Pictures of Possible New Squeeze Hannah Davis

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    At this point, we simply bow our heads reverently to the man, the myth, Derek Jeter

    The New York Yankees star's job mandates he play shortstop, but his hobby seems to be dating some of the hottest women in the world. 

    The latest scuttlebutt suggests he's dating Ralph Lauren model Hannah Davis. 

    The New York Post has the scoop that will likely make every last man on earth feel jealous. However, after the women he's dated, I say it's time to throw heaps and mounds of props at his feet. 

    Follow as we learn more about the beauty that stole the heart of 38-year-old Jeter, the man that continues to collect hits on and off the field. 


Serious Business

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    The New York Post report cites a source who claims these two have been seeing each other for some time. 

    After the two were spotted at Double Seven, the source said:

    "They are an item on the quiet. Derek and Hannah left separately, but she met up with him again later."

    The source goes on to contend they have been seeing each other casually for several months, even as Jeter and former girlfriend Minka Kelly tried to reconcile a few months ago.


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    The 22-year old model has quite the prolific resume. She has already modeled for Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger and L’Wren Scott. 

    This particular shot comes from a Blush lingerie spread in 2011. 

Island Girl

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    According to Fashion Model Directory, this rising star was born in St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands in 1990. 

    She has two siblings—a sister named Rachel and a brother, who must be extremely popular, named Conn Jr. 

Early Starter

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    She is currently listed as with Mega Models Miami, Marilyn Agency New York and UNO Barcelona, but started back when she was just 14 years old with IMG. 


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    It's not all jet-setting and highfalutin dinners and dancing with baseball stars, Fashion Model Directory maintains her hobbies are volleyball and tennis. 

Real Go-Getter

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    In an interview that was held back when she was 14, asked her where she saw herself in 10 years:

    "Working with mentally handicapped people and hopefully playing on the professional tennis circuit."

    She sounds like a great person, and motivated beyond belief.

    Plus, she still has some time to get on that professional tennis dream of hers. 

    If not, being a world-class model is good enough. 

Among Great Company

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    If you're scoring at home, we have Derek Jeter dominating pretty much every man alive with his past exploits in the dating scene. 

    From the New York Post report, Jeter has dated Jessica Biel, Vanessa Minnillo, Jordana Brewster, Mariah Carey and of course the great Minka Kelly. 

    You'd think that some men would settle down at some point.

    Jeter instead fights the good fight against age and just continues his casual dating of supermodels. No big deal. 

Smarty Pants

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    We hate to cite Wikipedia, but we simply couldn't confirm otherwise.

    Simply take this with a grain of salt. 

    Apparently, this world-beater is in her second year of studying economics at Leicester University. She also sings, plays piano and writes her own songs.


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    At just 22, she has already featured twice on the cover of Italian magazine La Repubblica delle Donne and appeared once on Elle

    We're not sure if it's the green eyes that set her apart, the long flowing hair or the pouty lips.

    Maybe you can sound off in the comments with what sets her apart.

The One?

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    The big question on everyone's mind is whether this is the one woman who will stick with Derek Jeter for the long term?

    After this gallery, for his sake, we certainly hope so. 


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