A.W.'s Kobe Joke, Tensai Mocks Japan's Drivers, Fire and More WWE Problems

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2012

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

Good news and press quickly went south for WWE after the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw, with several recent negative events drawing the unwanted kind of attention to WWE.

The first in a string of incidents occurred before Raw 1001 even went on the air. As soon as the show started, Michael Cole showed the world a video of what happened.

Apparently, a pyro accident caused part of the new set to catch fire, almost causing a delay in the start of the show and what can only be assumed to be general panic backstage. Fans were shown still filing in as the show went live.

The fire was shown throughout the night in replays, almost as if WWE was trying to capitalize off of it somehow. Maybe they will put it into a Kane storyline and blame it on him.

This was just the start of WWE's bad luck. Later in the evening the manager of The Prime Time Players, A.W., made a comment WWE would probably not think was very PG. Here is what AW said:

Titus O'Neil is like Kobe Bryant in a Colorado hotel, unstoppable!

And we all thought his ECW talk show made him look bad, but this is not going to help the man who went for over a year without being featured on WWE TV before being brought in to manage a tag team.

In a PG environment it is unacceptable to joke about a case like that. Not a whole lot of explanation is necessary on that one.

The third thing that probably caused Vince McMahon to spit out his coffee on Tuesday was a Tout posted by Tensai. The video has since been removed, but according to a report he was seen mocking Japanese drivers while slapping Sakamoto, who was driving at the time.

This was obviously meant to be a joke by the man who made a name for himself in Japan, but it was seen as racist and WWE felt the need to apologize for it with the following statement:

While in character, Lord Tensai (Matt Bloom) clearly took his storyline too far and he will be reprimanded for his inappropriate comments.

As if all that was not bad enough, now it seems as if one of WWE's own wrestlers is letting some details loose that WWE probably did not think would be public knowledge.

Yoshi Tatsu has allegedly posted some blog entries in Japanese, which are linked to WWE's Japan homepage. Tatsu has not commented on these Blogs or even mentioned them, so take this with a grain of salt as it could just be a hoax.

In the blogs, Tatsu apparently lets it be known that he is unhappy with how a few specific incidents were handled in WWE.

Specifically, he mentioned that he was not allowed to visit Japan after the 2011 earthquake when Raw went on tour there, because he was on SmackDown. He also mentions his desire to carry a Japanese flag to the ring following the quake and not being allowed to.

With all the bad press WWE has already received, it seems like one of their own employees expressing their frustrations is the least of their problems.

Tatsu is a low-card superstar who has been used poorly ever since he debuted, and it is no surprise that he might be unhappy with how things are going.

It looks like WWE did not get very much time to celebrate their milestone, as they have been in damage control mode ever since, both realistically and metaphorically.

Making adjustments to make sure the new set doesn't explode, repairing the perceived damage the comments AW and Tensai made and trying to fill an extra hour of television have probably made the WWE offices a pretty stressful place to be right now.