Ryan Giggs: Manchester United Legend To Win Player Of The Year?

CarlyluvsunitedCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2009

Ryan Giggs has never been voted Player of the Year by the sportswriters and other players, which is a miracle considering he has been knocking around for 18 years now.

However, just like my good self, Sir Alex Ferguson is of the opinion he should be considered for this award this season.

Reflecting on Giggs' performance against Derby last week, Ferguson wrote in his programme notes for yesterday's victory over Blackburn: "Ryan had a super game, and it set me wondering whether players or football writers might get round to voting him their player of the year.

"The impeccable way he has played the game, and the wonderful talent he has produced week after week over a career spanning 18 years in the top division, deserves to be recognised."

And why not indeed. Can you think of anyone better to get the award right now? I can't if I'm honest, and surely 18 years has to count for something in a rather lacklustre year for outstanding players.

Vote Giggs everyone!

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