4 Teams That Made MLB Trade Deadline Blunders

Devin Noonan@@devinnoonanCorrespondent IIIAugust 1, 2012

4 Teams That Made MLB Trade Deadline Blunders

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    The July 31st MLB trade deadline has officially passed.

    Teams like the Dodgers, Giants, Angels and Rangers have all positioned themselves for World Series runs as the end of the regular season fast approaches.

    While some teams struck gold on Tuesday, there were also a handful that failed to bring in the talent necessary to propel their squads into the playoffs.

    Let's take a look at the teams who messed up big-time at this year's trade deadline.

St. Louis Cardinals

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    The St. Louis Cardinals traded former first-round pick Zack Cox to the Miami Marlins for reliever Edward Mujica.

    The Cards needed to bolster their bullpen, but Mujica is hardly the answer they were in search of.

    So far on the year, the reliever has an 0-3 record with a 4.38 ERA, 12 holds and four blown saves.

    Sure he adds some veteran experience and depth to the pitching staff, but he isn't the big name stopper that the Cardinals could have really utilized.

    With just under 60 games left in the regular season, the Cards currently sit seven games back in the NL Central and four games back in the Wild Card race.

    Depending on how the this month plays out, don't be surprised if they try to make another deal before the waiver trade deadline on August 31 to help push this team into the playoffs.

Cleveland Indians

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    Despite losing their last four games, the Cleveland Indians are only six games back in both the AL Central and Wild Card hunt.

    Unfortunately for Cleveland fans, the only trade-deadline deal that the Indians made was for minor league first baseman Lars Anderson.

    The Indians sent 27-year-old knuckleballer Stephen Wright to Boston in return.

    It is unlikely that Anderson will replace Casey Kotchman at first base this season, and the team still lacks depth in the pitching department as they enter the home stretch.

    It's hard to believe that the team did not become a seller on Tuesday with such high demand for players like Shin-Soo Choo, Chris Perez and Justin Masterson.

    Instead, the Indians remained relatively quiet and will hope to see better production from their players in place.

    Either that, or they'll have to get lucky with a waiver acquisition or two in August.

New York Mets

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    The New York Mets didn't know what to do at the deadline, so they opted to do nothing at all.

    Outside of sending Omar Quintanilla to the Orioles a week earlier, the team remained rather quiet.

    The Mets currently sit sixth in the NL Wild Card race, 9.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates.

    If the team wanted to seriously make a run at the playoffs, they should have tried to bring in another bat as well as an arm for the bullpen.

    If they wanted to give up on the season, they should have sent Hairston packing and opened up their lines to dealing other players as well.

    With the current roster, it's hard to imagine the Mets catching teams like the Braves, Pirates or Dodgers who all solidified their weaknesses prior to the deadline.

Baltimore Orioles

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    The Baltimore Orioles made some minor moves in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline, but opted to remain pat on Tuesday.

    One move brought 30-year-old infielder Omar Quintanilla over from the Mets in an effort to add some depth at second base.

    He's hitting .406 in his first 11 games with the team, but that doesn't mean Orioles fans should get their hopes up.

    Quintanilla is a career .228 hitter and has spent the past six years fluctuating between the majors and minors, never staying in the big leagues for more than half of a season.

    At the start of July, the team also acquired slugger Jim Thome from the Phillies to add a bit of pop to the DH slot.

    He is hitting .266 with 2 HR and 6 RBI since joining the team, but was placed on the 15-Day DL on Tuesday with a herniated disc in his back.

    The Orioles are sitting in second place in the AL East, just 5.5 games behind the New York Yankees.

    It's a much closer race for the O's in the Wild Card, where they currently sit just 1.5 games behind the Angels and Athletics.

    Being so close to contention, it's hard to believe that the team did not make an attempt to add some depth to their rotation, especially after the injury to Jason Hammel.

    It remains to be seen if this Orioles squad can stay in the playoff hunt in the highly competitive American League.