Tyrese Rice: One Of The Most Overlooked Guards In The ACC

Lee B.Correspondent IFebruary 22, 2009

Can you name the ACC teams that can boast of wins over both North Carolina and Duke in one season?

If you guessed Wake Forest and Boston College, you're correct.

People who follow college basketball know about the talent and depth of the Demon Deacons, but the fact that BC is also on that very exclusive list may come as a surprise.

A large reason that BC is on this list is because of an often overlooked 6'1" senior guard from Richmond named Tyrese Rice.

A skilled senior leader, scorer, and motivator on the floor, Rice put up 25 and 21 in the games against UNC and Duke, respectively.

Sure, BC also lost in stunning fashion to Harvard, but in that game, Rice had a below-average performance of 14 points. (This loss is a little less stunning, however, because the Crimson managed to bring in a top-25 recruiting class this season, and are coached by the very skilled Tommy Amaker)

In addition to the Harvard loss, Rice also performed extremely poorly in a loss against another lesser opponent, St. Louis. Rice had only six points this game, and had the same number of turnovers—not a recipe for success.

Rice has scored in excess of 20 points on 13 occasions this season, and is averaging almost 18 points-per-game.

It is fairly safe to say that without Rice, the Eagles of Boston College would not have a winning record overall, never mind a winning conference record. BC has other big-time players such as Rakim Sanders, Joe Trapani, and Corey Raji, but without Rice, they would undoubtedly be towards the bottom half of the ACC, instead of thee games back from first place.