WWE Opinion: What Will WWE Look Like Just One Year from Now?

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IAugust 1, 2012

As the summer rolls, I continuously take a look back at the past year in WWE, and how things have gone. But to be brutally honest, nothing has really changed.

Let's take a look.

At this time last year, CM Punk wasn't really defined as a face or heel, as he was more in a transitional phase. As of right now, he is in the exact same situation, except that he may end up as a heel coming out of it. Also, the two top contenders for the title are John Cena and CM Punk. As we head into SummerSlam, it is the exact same bout plus one in the form of the Big Show. Check that off as yet another reason WWE has done a 360 since last summer. I could have taken a full month off and when I looked back at the main event scene, I wouldn't have missed too much.

With that said, there seems to be a change on the horizon.

Sure, with Punk turning into a heel, there is no doubt he will go right back into his rivalry with Cena, but that is just the beginning of what should be a very interesting couple of months. With guys like The Rock, Daniel Bryan, and heck, maybe even Cody Rhodes primed and ready to strike, the WWE Title picture is expanding as we speak. We already have the No.1 Contender for the Royal Rumble in The Rock, but who he shall face remains to be seen.

As of now, it seems like it will be CM Punk vs The Rock at the Royal Rumble, as it has been hinted at a number of times since The Great One joined us at the 1000th episode. However, Punk won't win in his usual fashion. Over the past few weeks, rumors have been flying, as Kevin Nash hinted at an NWO reunion with CM Punk leading the charge with Nash. While some seem to be against it, I may be in the minority when I say go for it. Punk's reign is turning stale and this may be the perfect change that can propel him back to the top of the world.

I can easily see the stable starting the formation at SummerSlam as Punk wins, but doesn't do it without a little bit of help. This will most likely be followed by the usual ink-Cena, but with Punk taking the boos this time around. We all know Cena won't lose clean, so NWO will probably help Punk roll into 2013 as champion, well it is assumed The Rock will defeat him for the WWE Title (which I don't agree with.)

The next question is, when The Rock heads back to Hollywood, who will take back the gold? Will Cena prevail, and regain the title after well-over a year away from it, or will Punk use his new stable to give him an advantage over the champ? Maybe even an up-and-comer will get their opportunity and the Rock will put them over.

Oh wait, it's The Rock.

The latter seems nearly impossible given the circumstances.

I really would be a fan of Punk defeating The Rock instead of Cena. I understand that Cena's chances are high, as he is seeking redemption and the two will probably end up having three matches when it is all said done, but the time isn't know in my opinion. The thing I love about Punk is that he makes wrestling seem real. In a show that is filled with over the top gimmicks and illogical storylines, I actually makes sense when he is speaking. He tells it how it is, which is a nice breathe of fresh air in this company.

But the question still lies: Where will the WWE be in one year? In my opinion, CM Punk and John Cena will still be running the show in one year, but look for guys such as Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan to insert themselves into the title picture as well. Also, a heel CM Punk at the top a year from now could be exactly what the fans have wanted.

In the end, the WWE probably won't change too much outside of the possible NWO return, but the thrush is it really shouldn't. If the NWO really does return, the WWE will only be a few slight tweaks away from being the show we have all asked for.

WWE has the tools to make a great product, they just need to execute.