Women's Gymnastics 2012: Individual Performers Who Will Disappoint

Scott CarasikContributor IIAugust 1, 2012

Komova after her team's disappointing performance in London's team competition.
Komova after her team's disappointing performance in London's team competition.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Every four years, there are multiple gymnasts who come into the Olympics and perform well with their team, but they just completely disappoint in the individual events. They either can't handle the pressure or they just aren't good enough to win a medal in the events they have qualified for.


Viktoria Komova, Russia

Events: Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, All-Around

Projection Based on Qualifying: Bronze in Beam, Silver in Bars, Gold in all-around

She qualified very well for the events that she will be competing in. However, she seemed to be out of her element competing in the team competition when everything was truly on the line.

She has all the talent to win gold, but her nerves will get the best of her and she will fall short of her projections.

Komova is still young at just 17, and with another four years of competition, she could make an impact in Rio.


Aliya Mustafina, Russia

Events: Uneven Bars, All-Around

Projection Based on Qualifying: Fifth in Bars, Fourth in All-around

Much like Komova, Mustafina doesn't have the ice-water flowing through her veins needed to win a medal in any of the events. She has the talent to win gold in both the bars and the all-around, but she has had trouble rising to the occasion at the Olympics.  

Mustafina needs more refinement in her technique and style, but this is likely her last shot, as most gymnasts don't make the games after they turn 21.


Jordyn Wieber, United States

Events: Floor Exercise

Projection Based on Qualifying: Fifth in the Floor

Wieber has won gold as part of the American women's team, and anything else she does will just be gravy on top of that.

However, she has already disappointed by not making the women's all-around competition, and it will always be a "what could have been" scenario for Wieber. She will always have the team gold in London, and the memories of winning a gold can never be taken from her.

These three women will all have another shot to qualify for Rio de Janeiro's Olympics in 2016, but by then it could be too late to compete for the gold medal. They would be in a situation similar to Catalina Ponor—someone who is competing in an Olympics way past her prime.


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