Back Up Son: Hernandez Is on the Way!

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2009

If someone came up and asked me to name one of my favorite TNA Superstars, the first name to come out of my mouth would have to be, "Hernandez."

He's 6'1" and 265 pounds.

When I see "SuperMex" in the ring, I'm amazed by the things I see him do. To see such a powerhouse fly over the top rope like a lightweight is just awesome.

Hernandez is one of the most agile powerhouse wrestlers I've seen in a while and if you don't believe me just watch him scale the ropes during an Ultimate X match.

I believe Hernandez will be the first Hispanic TNA World Champion. Because let's be honest—Sting is almost 50 years old and this should be his last title reign.

Sting's accomplished everything he could accomplish and now it's time to acknowledge the new school of wrestlers.

Hernandez's first TNA World Title match ended in disqualification due to interference from the "Nursing Home Mafia." Mick Foley has guaranteed him another title match at a later date—hopefully sooner than later.

Depending on whether TNA can reach a deal with Hernandez and Homicide on a new contract, I really want to see Hernandez toss Sting around like a rag doll inside of the Six Sides of Steel.

If used and pushed the right way, there's no excuse for Hernandez not to go straight to the top in the wrestling world.

I suggest the TNA roster back up because Hernandez is on his way!