The Blueprint for TNA Wrestling

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIFebruary 22, 2009

Matt Morgan the self proclaimed "THE DNA OF TNA" could one day be the actual blueprint to draw attention to TNA Wrestling. The charisma, athletic ability, and the way he gets the crowd's attention could lead Matt Morgan to be a top star not only in TNA but wrestling itself.

Matt started getting well known attention as he joined the rebirth of the American Gladitors. It is said Smallville the TV show on the CW is interested in having Morgan play the role of Doomsday in Season 9.

That is not all either, even though Morgan cannot get into full detail yet, it seems that Morgan could possibly be set up for a role as a villain in IRON-MAN II. With Morgan journeying out and grabbing attention from viewers that  normally don't watch wrestling and bring those eyes to TNA wrestling.



1. Keep Matt Morgan as a heel for a good amount of time.

2. Have him in good feuds not just squash matches etc.

3. Add more detail to his heel character. Make Morgan more cocky, like he knows he is the  future.

4. Dont push him to fast to a TNA world title shot. Build him up to that point so when he it wont seemed wasted.

5. Possibly have him in a winning streak so he can add on to his claims as the future and the DNA of TNA.