MLB Hitter Power Rankings: Is Josh Hamilton Back After Solid Game vs. Angels?

Tom Schreier@tschreier3Correspondent IJuly 31, 2012

MLB Hitter Power Rankings: Is Josh Hamilton Back After Solid Game vs. Angels?

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    Josh! Josh! Are you back Josh?

    Who would have thought Josh Hamilton, arguably baseball’s best player before the All-Star Game, would have hit the skids after the break?

    That .173/.253/.360 line in July was awful.


    How did this happen?

    Josh, you batted .395/.438/.744 in April and .344/.405/.781 in May. Sure your .223/.318/.436 line in June wasn’t as spectacular, but after hitting 21 home runs in two months everyone expects a little drop off.

    But this?

    And then he surprised us again.

    Facing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, arguably the Texas Rangers’ biggest rivals (I know Oakland is doing well, but I still see the Angels-Rangers rivalry as the biggest in the division), he goes off.

    His 3-for-4 night with a double and a homer came out of nowhere.

    He looked like, well, Josh Hamilton.

    To put it in perspective, the last time he hit a home run was July 17. Hamilton’s last multiple-hit night was July 4. The last time he had more than two hits was May 8 against Baltimore when he went 5-for-5.

    That’s a big-time performance in a big-time game.

    That’s what you expect from a superstar.

    And that’s what Hamilton delivered.

    Is the Rangers’ superstar back?

    Or is it an anomaly?

    Given time we’ll find out.

20. Curtis Granderson, Yankees

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    Last week: 18

    Stats: 11 doubles, 3 triples, 28 home runs, 58 RBI, .246/.342/.504

    After hitting three jacks in five days, Granderson has gone stone cold.

    The centerfielder is on a 0-for-12 hitting streak in his last three games.

19. Josh Reddick, Athletics

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    Last week: 17

    Stats: 21 doubles, 5 triples, 22 home runs, 50 RBI, .265/.340/.521

    Reddick went 0-for-7 against Tampa and is currently on an 0-for-13 streak.

18. Josh Hamilton, Rangers

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    Last week: 20

    Stats: 17 doubles, 1 triple, 29 home runs, 84 RBI, .288/.357/.590

    Well hello there again, Mr. Hamilton.

    How long will you be staying with us, sir?

17. Adam Dunn, White Sox

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    Last week: N/A

    Stats: 13 doubles, no triples, 31 home runs, 73 RBI, .212/.352/.508

    Sorry I forgot about you last week, Mr. Dunn.

    It’s just that you’ve struck out 25 times this month and are batting slightly above the Mendoza line, so I might have overlooked that you’re leading the league in home runs.

    My bad.

16. Jose Bautista, Blue Jays

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    Last week: 19

    Stats: 14 doubles, no triples, 27 home runs, 65 RBI, .244/.360/.534

    Four doubles in five days?

    That might help Blue Jays fans forget that Joey Bats has only hit one home run this month.

15. Adam Jones, Orioles

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    Last week: 16

    Stats: 24 doubles, 3 triples, 24 home runs, 57 RBI, .289/.336/.539

    As his team continues to descend into oblivion, Jones has struggled.

    A .257/.312/.495 July is his worst month so far.

14. David Wright, Mets

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    Last week: 7

    Stats: 31 triples, 2 doubles, 16 home runs, 71 RBI, .330/.421/.554

    July has been a tough month for Wright.

    After hitting .340/.426/.563 in June, the third baseman is batting .258/.336/.526 in July.

13. Carlos Ruiz, Phillies

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    Last week: 5

    Stats: 27 doubles, no triples, 14 home runs, 57 RBI, .342/.407/.569

    It’s been a bit of an off month for Ruiz (see the trend?).

    This could be the first month this year that Ruiz bats below .300.

12. Robinson Cano, Yankees

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    Last week: 4

    Stats: 29 doubles, 1 triples, 22 home runs, 56 RBI, .309/.365/.551

    After two solid games against Seattle and Boston when he went 4-for-10, Cano is on a three game hitless streak (0-for-13).

11. Jason Kubel, Diamondbacks

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    Last week: 6

    Stats: 23 doubles, 3 triples, 22 home runs, 72 RBI, .293/.364/.568

    After his huge three-homer game against Houston and the subsequent 3-for-4 game following it, Kubel has cooled off a bit.

    He was a combined 2-for-14 in four games against the Mets last week.

10. Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies

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    Last week: 13

    Stats: 23 doubles, 5 triples, 20 home runs, 70 RBI, .328/.389/.578

    After slowing down a little bit in July, CarGo went 5-for-12 against the mighty Reds.

9. Josh Willingham, Twins

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    Last week: 14

    Stats: 22 doubles, 1 triple, 27 home runs, 79 RBI, .274/.386/.571

    Two homers apiece against the White Sox and Indians?

    Yeah, I’ll take that.

8. Joe Mauer, Twins

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    Last week: 15

    Stats: 21 doubles, 1 triple, 6 home runs, 49 RBI, .327/.416/.444

    It will be tough for Mauer to match his .397/.438/.548 line in June, but a .330/.416/.433 follow-up shows he’s for real.

    Mauer Power is back (actually, he could probably hit for more power).

7. Ryan Braun, Brewers

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    Last week: 12

    Stats: 17 doubles, 2 triples, 28 home runs, 70 RBI, .309/.390/.596

    Two three-hit games against the Phillies in a row?

    Not too bad, Mr. Braun. Not too bad.

6. Mark Trumbo, Angels

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    Last week: 10

    Stats: 16 doubles, 3 triples, 27 home runs, 69 RBI, .304/.354/.599

    Trumbo had a big, big series against Kansas City.

    He went 4-for-11 against the Royals.

    Then again, it’s the Royals.

    He cooled off in the Tampa Bay series, going 2-for-10 against the Rays.

5. Mike Trout, Angels

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    Last week: 7

    Stats: 20 doubles, 5 triples, 17 home runs, 53 RBI, .351/.408/.600

    This has been Mr. Trout’s best month yet.

    The phenom had more home runs in July (9) than in May and June combined (8) and his .387/.449/.785 line is a career high.

4. Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays

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    Last week: 8

    Stats: 20 doubles, no triples, 28 home runs, 72 RBI, .295/.390/.585

    Encarnacion played well against Oakland and Detroit recently.

    He went 3-for-9 with a homer and three RBI against the A’s and 3-for-10 with a homer and two RBI against the Tigers.

    Not too shabby.

3. Melky Cabrera, Giants

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    Last week: 9

    Stats: 20 doubles, 8 triples, 10 home runs, 52 RBI, .353/.393/.518

    No, they are not the numbers he put up in May (.429/.457/.647 with 51 hits), but his .360/.392/.528 with 32 hits are pretty impressive.

2. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers

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    Last week: 2

    Stats: 28 doubles, no triples, 25 home runs, 84 RBI, .324/.384/.576

    The other Cabrera is hitting well too.

    Miguel had a 2-for-4 night against Toronto on July 27 after a lackluster series against Cleveland.

    His nine homer July is his best of the season. 

1. Andrew McCutchen, Pirates

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    Last week: 1

    Stats: 19 doubles, 5 triples, 22 home runs, 66 RBI, .368/.426/.627

    The Reds have gotten hot and it looks like it will be difficult for McCutchen to lead his Pirates to a NL Central Championship.

    Still, the Bucs should have a winning record this year (read that again if you have to) and might get a shot at the Wild Card game.

    Having seen McCutchen hit .437/.505/.736 in July, I’m dying to see what he does down the stretch in August.


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