How Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Will Benefit from Team USA Games

Luis BatlleContributor IJuly 31, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - JUNE 12:  Kevin Durant #35 grabs the head of teammate Russell Westbrook #0 of the Oklahoma City Thunder in the fourth quarter in Game One of the 2012 NBA Finals at Chesapeake Energy Arena on June 12, 2012 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook took their troops to an NBA Finals, but they are still far from being NBA champions.

Joining Team USA at the 2012 London Olympics was precisely the move to propel these two stud talents to the next level.

Whether it’s understanding their own games better, preparing themselves physically for what will be a tough season or gaining experience by being around talent, these two made the right move heading to London.

These are the three reasons why these two elite players in the league are bound to improve their games after the Summer Games.


Durant Will Benefit from Westbrook's Reality Check

During these 2012 Olympics, Coach K has made it clear that Deron Williams and Chris Paul are his top point guard choices on this team.

The countless fans of the game that consider Russell Westbrook as a PG in the same breath as Paul and Williams must seriously reconsider based on the way these Olympic games have gone.

Although at the same rate, playing behind Paul and Williams is also exactly what this stud talent needed.

Now Westbrook will be especially more humble and better understand that Kevin Durant is the most talented player on his Oklahoma City Thunder. He has gotten the chance to play with the likes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James and this will undoubtedly put him in his place.

Westbrook is a phenomenal player and one who is destined to become that much better. But what these USA games have done is helped him to understand there are other players that need the ball to produce. He will feed Durant significantly more next season and this will make a world of difference in his game.


In Peak Condition for the 2012-13 Season

Unlike the rest of the NBA, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are still practicing and playing in competition against the World’s best.

It might take a toll on their rest, but it is this type of experience that these two players need going into next season. Taking the Oklahoma City Thunder to the NBA Finals was a quite a feat, but ultimately an NBA championship is what Durant and Westbrook have their eyes set on.

Being able to play extra games and get in extra practice with the most talented players in the game is precisely the way these two players will get better. Heading into next season, these two All-Stars are set to ride a tremendous momentum boost with the extra conditioning.


Playing Amongst the Game's Legends

Six NBA championships, four NBA MVP awards and three NBA Finals MVPs are shared between two of the talents on Team USA.

The greatest benefit these two are set to take from the London Games is the honor of playing with the game’s best. Particularly, this is referring to Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

The one thing these two players lack is an NBA championship, which is exactly what both James and Bryant know a thing or two about. Being able to live with and work with these NBA studs on a daily basis may well be the recipe to success next season.

If one thing’s for sure, it certainly gives Westbrook and Durant a chance to watch these two players take the court every day. Simply watching these two players prepare for games will help them better their own games.

There are players that help win titles and others that go out and win them. Westbrook and Durant are far too talented to let an NBA title come to them. Observing the best of the best orchestrate the USA’s best is what will provide the drive to go out and get one.