2012 Olympic Gymnastics Team: Why Even Casual Fans Will Love Watching

Shawn Brubaker@@63brubakerContributor IIJuly 30, 2012

2012 Olympic Gymnastics Team: Why Even Casual Fans Will Love Watching

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    All eyes will be on the U.S. women's gymnastics team as they take the floor Tuesday to go for the gold medal.

    This team could be the United States' best chance in years, so U.S. supporters will certainly want to tune in.

    Meanwhile, gymnastics fans will enjoy the quality performances from some of the top gymnasts that the U.S. has produced in years, as well as the top gymnasts from other countries.

    Finally, the mixture of youth and personalities on the U.S. team bears watching, as the women are sure to entertain.

The U.S. Team Is Full of Personality

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    The U.S. women are incredibly easy to root for, as they are real people trying to deal with the tremendous pressure of being an Olympian.

    As Aly Raisman's parents' hilarious behavior indicates, these women have a great deal of support from a range of characters.

    That support comes from no more important place than each other. After failing to make the all-around individual finals, Jordyn Wieber was quick to congratulate her teammates and get excited for team finals.

    This kind of behavior is rare in modern sports. Wieber's maturity and grace in dealing with the situation are all just further proof that these women are a great group.

    Of course, one could hesitate to call them women, as many of them are very young.

    Gabby Douglas is the one youngest of all of them. At age 16, Douglas already has a lot of experience, which should serve her well in all-around finals.

    Douglas was a little starstruck at the beginning of the Games, but she has since become a star herself. She has still exuded great humility that could make her into one of U.S. gymnastics' brightest stars for years.

    Even younger than her is Kyla Ross. At age 15, Ross is the youngest of the team, but she's still a special performer and a value member of the group.

    All in all, each of these women are endearing and fun to watch, and that makes this team one of the most exciting in recent memory.

Elite Performances from the Top Athletes in the World

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    Gymnastics is an incredibly complex sport, but at the same time, it is also easy for casual fans to enjoy.

    Everyone can appreciate the combination of grace and power that goes into each gravity-defying dismount. 

    As the women twist in the air or hold themselves up with incredible strength, casual fans can simply get lost in the rhythm of the performance.

    This year's group features some excellent performers from around the world, but especially the United States, China and Russia.

    These three gymnastics dynamos will spark each other to new heights, which should lead to some incredibly motivated performances.

    All in all, each of these elite athletes will bring their best performance to the floor, making this a must-see event.

U.S. Team Has a Chance to Win Gold

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    The United States' last team gold medal in women's gymnastics was 16 years ago. In that time frame, individual stars have come and gone, but a golden team has been hard to come by for the Americans.

    This year might be the United States' best chance to field a gold medal-winning team.

    The defending world champs, the United States will have to hold off a determined Russian team.

    With this group's depth, and with three of the top four individual performers, the United States can feel confident in their ability to finish on top.

    For U.S. fans, this would be a most welcome medal. U.S. fans will certainly want to tune in to watch the States' best chance for gold in years.