WWE: Top 5 Questions Going Forward After Raw

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIJuly 31, 2012

WWE: Top 5 Questions Going Forward After Raw

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    Raw was on “fire” tonight. I HAD to get it out of my system!

    Tonight, we witnessed psychiatric evaluations, AJ the GM, and CM Punk explaining himself.

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the top questions going forward. These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause, so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have at it?

Is THIS the CM Punk everyone wanted?

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    Heel or face? Truthful or whiny?

    To be honest I have very mixed feelings on tonight’s version of CM Punk.

    I enjoyed his brutal honesty tonight because that is what made a lot of us fall in love with him. Punk felt real at times where he crossed the line of scripted to original. His banter with Jerry Lawler produced a lot of moments where I found myself agreeing with everything Punk said.

    The problem is there were also times where Punk came across as a big baby.

    Anyone who follows me on this site knows that I believe that the WWE champion should always be the focus of Raw. So while I agree with CM Punk, I did not need him to whine about it every five seconds. It was especially annoying when he kept demanding everyone’s respect.

    You do not gain respect, especially from the fans, by whining about it.

    I think the CM Punk we got tonight leaves a lot to interpretation. There are going to be people who agreed with everything he said and did tonight. There will also be people who accuse Punk of being an unoriginal, cookie-cutter sellout.

    I am somewhere in the middle.

    I love CM Punk, but I am not going to sit here and defend him when he came across like a spoiled brat at times.

    What did you think of CM Punk’s actions tonight?

Do you like AJ as the Raw General Manager?

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    Well, AJ’s first night as Raw GM is in the books. Now we get to analyze.

    Did you enjoy AJ running Raw tonight?

    Truthfully, AJ seems to have lost her “mojo” ever since CM Punk defeated Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank.

    This role seems forced and the WWE is only trying to capitalize on her unprecedented popularity. I believe it would have been more intelligent to have her win the Diva’s title and use her as the catalyst to get that division back to a respectable level.

    AJ just does not have the flair she once did, especially when she is parading around in a business suit. She was an interesting choice for GM only because she seemed unstable and she set herself apart from everyone else.

    Why have her transform into something she is not?

What Is Next for Daniel Bryan?

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    Daniel Bryan had more airtime tonight then just about anyone else, it seemed.  Of course most of the segments Bryan was involved in made him look like he belonged in an insane asylum.

    Has Creative run out of relevant ideas for Bryan?

    Daniel Bryan had a fantastic match with Sheamus, but after that he was forced to undergo a mandatory psychiatric evaluation by AJ’s order. The evaluation went on throughout the night and Bryan just seemed to be screaming throughout each segment.

    The only exciting action I found was when Kane attacked Daniel Bryan. I am not exactly sure why, but I did find it humorous.

    Should Kane and Daniel Bryan start a feud? 

Is Raw Better Now That It Is Three Hours Long?

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    You would think since Raw expanded from a two-hour show to three hours that it would be an opportunity for more storylines to be featured.

    Tonight we were given the exact opposite.

    I lost count of how many recaps and social media advertisements there were tonight. Normally I would not waste one of my slides on a subject like this, but I wanted to get your opinion.

    I do not count episode 1000, because it was a special occasion. Tonight was the first regular episode of Raw since the show went to a three-hour format. I just found it hard to believe that the WWE could not come up with more programming rather than telling us how great “Tout” was every ten minutes.

    It was also painful every time we were given a recap of the Triple H-Brock Lesnar feud. It is quite apparent that the WWE is hyping that match so SummerSlam seems bigger than ever.

    Did you have an issue tonight with the amount of commercial breaks and recaps throughout the night?

Who Will Be the WWE Champion After SummerSlam?

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    CM Punk is set to defend the WWE Championship against the Big Show and John Cena at SummerSlam.

    Who wins?

    I think a case can be made for all three of them. My gut feeling is that CM Punk will retain. I am disappointed that CM Punk will not be facing John Cena one-on-one though. I just cannot take Big Show serious anymore.

    I have to give kudos to the WWE for having a Number One Contender’s match though. I make no secret about my desire to see more matches made to determine who will face the current champions. The WWE did a nice job with that tonight.

    Although I may not like the Big Show, I do find this triangle to be intriguing. All three of these men have their own issues with one another, so the next few weeks prior to SummerSlam should be exciting.

    Who do you believe will be the WWE champion after SummerSlam?

    Let me know below in the comment section and remember to list the questions that came out of Raw for you as well. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.

    Keep it classic everyone!