What the New York Giants Need

michael maddalenoContributor IFebruary 22, 2009

Can anyone tell me what the Giants need this year?

It is quite obvious that they were missing something in the postseason debacle at home against the Eagles.


First and foremost, let's look at LT David Diehl. While Diehl has done an impressive job at his position, the Giants desperately need Diehl to move back to his original spot (LG), where he was absolutely dominant. Kareem McKenzie needs more run, and could fill the gap created by Diehl's migration.

That being said, I strongly feel that the Giants should target a T in this upcoming draft.


Next, one glance at the linebacking corps tells you it's depleted, to say the least. OK, Antonio Pierce is above-average and does make some plays—sometimes—but he's been more of a liability than a contributor as of late. He is too slow and a sub-par tackler.

The Giants need to go after USC LB Brian Cushing and not Ohio State's James Laurinaitis. Cushing will be a much better fit, and to be totally honest, Laurinaitis didn't impress me at all last year; at times, he looked bad and very slow.

Cushing has come from one of the best defensive college teams ever and he will fit nicely into a top five NFL defense.


Lastly, the Giants need to go after UNC WR Hakeem Nicks. This kid can flat-out play. He can catch anything and would give the Giants the go-to guy they need to replace Plax.

Nicks should be available late in the first round (or possibly even in the second round). If the latter is the case, that would give the Giants the opportunity to grab Cushing in the first round and the stud receiver they so desperately need later.